Wednesday 15 July 2020

Wing’s International Cuisine in Hull - Review!

Way back in February when we visited Hull for the first time Ellie's friend mentioned a place to eat that we had never heard of. I don't usually take recommendations from 12 year old's but after a quick look online it looked like a great place to eat. This has been sat in my drafts since just before the lock down started but with places opening back up now I thought it was a good time to share.

Wing’s International Cuisine is an all you can eat buffet restaurant in Hull. It serves food from countries such as China, Japan, India, America, England, Thailand, Italy and there are over 150 dishes all freshly prepared each day, some at live cooking stations around the restaurant!

We were leaving a shopping centre just after midday and people were queued out of the door waiting to get in which I took as good sign. It has just opened before 12 so people were keen. We decided to do some more shopping and go back later. We did at about half past one.

On a Monday, during the day it is £6.95 which I think is a brilliant price. I thought we could go to McDonalds spend about £5/7 each and probably not be full when we leave. What I didn't agree with is that for anyone over 4ft 6 is charged full price. So a young child will probably only eat half as much as an adult and be charged the same. For someone shorter than 4ft 6 it is £3.95 and £1.95 for under 3 year old's. 

We walked through the main door and you had to pay at the bar and wait to be seated. We waited a good 20 minutes and I was starting to think that was it going to be worth the wait. I gave them time because we were looking for a table to seat 5 and not the usual 4.

We were taken downstairs and seated. Stu went off to the bar to get some drinks and the kids went off to get their first plate full. The drinks cost about about £3.50 each and you could get them refilled as much as you wanted to. There was a choice of Pepsi, Lemonade, Vimto, Irn Bru and a few others which I thought was great. You never usually get refillable fizzy Vimto or Irn Bru. By the time Stu got back with the drinks the girls were back with their plates full.

There is a massive selection of food! All the favourite takeaway dishes from Chinese and Indian takeaways. There was so many different varieties of rice, noodles, curries and sauces. Then there was things like sausages, fish fingers, pizza, spaghetti bolognese, chicken and chips. You really are spoilt for choice. We didn't get to try everything as there was just too much. It could easily take a good 5 minutes to look at all the food that was on offer.

All of the food was piping hot and there was plenty of it. None of the trays were running low which was amazing considering how busy it was and there was plenty of staff around filling them up when they did look anywhere close to running low.

I tried lots of food I wouldn't normally eat and enjoyed it. I think my favourite things were the prawn toast. They were cooked just right and not too crispy and I really loved the cola chicken, it's not something I have very often.

When we had cleared our plates one of the staff members would take them away quickly. They didn't hover about and not once did we feel like we were being rushed.

We all ate a couple of plate fulls of the main course and were just about stuffed but we did leave room for dessert which there was a huge selection of. Doughnuts, jelly, ice cream, waffles, fruit, gateau's and much more. I did notice there was a chocolate fountain but it wasn't filled and switched on. I am guessing that is something extra they have on an evening and on a weekend. That isn't a complaint though. There was more than enough choice for dessert.

I think we all ate more than £6.95 worth of food and drank more than £3.50 worth of pop so it was well worth the money.

I think the only negative thing I have to say about our visit is that sometimes parents need to keep and eye on their kids more. It is really off putting when you see kids hands in trays of something that you were thinking about eating. There was a few running about, touching things they shouldn't.

We will be back again when we visit Hull. I think it is going to be our go to place to eat. 

**Wings have reopened with new measures in place to ensure customer and staff safety. The help your self buffet is out of service but their staff will take your orders and bring your food straight to the table. You can order 5 things at a time and still eat as much as you want. You can read more on Wing's International Cuisine Facebook page.**

I wasn't asked to write about our visit to Wing’s International Cuisine in Hull but I wanted to as it's such a great place to eat.

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  1. Yum I love a good old chinese restaurant especially when it is an all you can eat! X