Thursday 1 October 2020

This is me. #Blogtober20

I am taking part in Blogtober20 throughout October and today's prompt is "This is Me".

I have just read my blog post back that I wrote for Blogtober 2018 introducing myself and so much has changed in my life. In two years our life has changed dramatically. So here's a whole new introduction. 

I'm still Kim and I am still a stay at home mam. My family and I live in Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire. We moved here about 15 months ago to be closer to family and it is the best thing we've ever done. All our lives have changed for the better because of the move.

 My eldest daughter Becky turned 18 last month and is at college studying health and social care. She did the level 2 course and has now gone on to the level 3 course. Due to Coronavirus and smaller classes she is only at college one day a week and learns at home through video chats and group meetings on the computer. She is a typical young adult, she has a girlfriend, a part time job and likes to sleep a lot which is always causing arguments because at the moment she has such a busy life.

Ellie turned 13 a couple of months ago and is in year 9 at school. This will be a big year for her at school as she will be choosing her GCSE options. At the moment she still has no idea what she wants to do, every day she changes her mind. She is into anime and everything Japanese.

Stu is my fella and has been for about 14 years. When we moved house he changed from working in a high street shop to working as a handyman/groundsman at a local business. He works outside most of the time and absolutely loves it, well unless it's raining!

So as this is supposed to be about me I think should write a little bit more about me.

I like to dye my hair and have a lot over the last 7 or so months. I've been red, blue, purple, pink and green when it went a little wrong.

My favourite food is a Sunday dinner. Chicken with all the trimmings including pigs in blankets.

Over the summer I stopped caring what people thought and braved wearing shorts. Even with my chubby legs.

I love watching the soaps and I am so glad they're all back on the TV. I watch them all apart from Doctors. I felt a little lost without them on TV during lock down.

My family think I am strange because I can read so fast. They're still on the first paragraph while I'm usually to go onto the next page.

I have watched the Avengers films more times than I can count. I think Infinity War and Engmame might be my favourite films of all time.

I have watch a lot of TikTok videos but have never made one. I even have a playlist on Spotify full of all the songs which make my girls cringe so much.

 I love music from Bon Jovi. I've seen them live twice and an amazing tribute act at the start of this year.

 Writing this has made me realise I need to update my About Us page. lol


  1. I can read fast as well and my sister always made fun of that!

  2. Pigs in blankets all year round 😱😂

  3. You DON'T WATCH DOCTORS!!! Well, when it comes on, get watching can see where I live! I used to live just around the corner from the surgery and work on the uni They are more over the side of town I moved from but I used to see them filming on a regular basis. :)

  4. So lovely to have you back, love finding out what's been going on, sounds like quite a few changes for you in the last few years, but all positive ones, I have a couple of mine who would happily stay in bed all day! Since lockdown I have not dyed my hair and i'm actually quite liking the natural grey, so i'm considering having all the red remains chopped off and they embracing the silver, but maybe with some colour on the ends!
    Looking forward to reading throughout the month x

  5. I dare not look back on my posts from previous years, life has changed so much here as well. I am a huge soap fan too x

  6. I am also a speedy reader !!! and a huge fan of a roast dinner , can't be beat!!

  7. I am a fast reader too! Also, Tik Tok is my favorite place to go to whenever I need to laugh. Looking forward to reading your posts throughout the month.

  8. So lovely getting to know more about you through this post. This is my first #blogtober and I'm really excited to see it through.

  9. Lovely round of and glad things are going. Good for you to brave your legs. I like the pink hair too X

  10. Your changing hair colour has been one of my favourite things to watch on social media this year! #Blogtober

  11. I've made a few tiktok videos but I'm really inconsistent so I don't think I'll ever be tiktok famous!

  12. Lovely post! I am glad on your behalf that soaps are back now. I don't watch them at all, as I get too emotional about them. Since you read so fast, do you like it too?

  13. Lovely to get to know you a bit better, it's funny how much can change in a short space of time isn't it! x

  14. Loved reading your post and I too need to update my About Me page! It's great to hear your relocation was the right one for you and your lovely family xx

  15. Love love love the hair colour! Can’t wait to see if it changes throughout #blogtober2020!