Saturday 31 October 2020

Week 44 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

We have had a lovely half term. We didn't get up to much but it gave us the time to relax and unwind.

As of today we've gone into tier 2 and to be honest I am quite glad about as cases have been rising dramatically here. Becky is the main one to be bothered by the new restrictions at the moment. She can't see her girlfriend unless they meet outside and it's not the best weather for it and she's been laid off from her part time job as they are trying to cut costs which is understandable. Late last night news started filtering through that there's going to be a National Lockdown starting next week and lasting until December 1st. Why can't they just announce it instead of leaking it to the press. Grr

Now for a photo every day!

24th 25th October
26th 27th October
28th October
29th 30th October

291/366 - 24th October
My bath water after washing my hair. It was clear with bubbles in before I rinsed my hair. lol 

292/366 - 25th October
Ellie found a music quiz online and decided to fill it out in one of her books. She made it look so pretty.

293/366 - 26th October
We visited my dad's friends shop who makes spooky dolls. They are so freaky but some do look a cute kind of scary.

294/366 - 27th October
We watched The Grinch.

295/366 - 28th October
I won some Halloween stencils and snow spray from One Frazzled Mum. I tried them out on the living room door and they are so good. 

296/366 - 29th October
We got the pumpkins delivered with the food shop. They weren't the one I ordered, they're smaller, but they'll do.

297/366 - 30th October
My bargain flowers have lasted well. I got them from Tesco in their reduced section for 88p over a week ago and they still look great.

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  1. Love the halloween decorations. Such a shame your daughter has been laid off, my son has been looking for work with no joy

  2. Impressive on the flowers. The last ones I was given for my birthday (pink roses), didn't last past 2 days! We should have really gone into tier 2 as our wider area is now higher than Oxford which did go into tier 2 today (although they've rumoured to miss out quite a few extra cases in the data). Sorry to hear about Becky's job. Hopefully once his is all over she'll be able to get another one.

  3. amazing how some flowers last well and others you get a day or two out of if you are lucky.
    This lockdown is going to be hard on England, but we move up a level to harder restrictions as well on the 2nd. They should have let it run its course over the Summer months.
    Well done on the wins, the door looks great

  4. wow the colour of the bath, I thought it was a bath bomb at first. I like the Halloween decorations X

  5. Love those stensils - looks very effective #366

  6. I always tend to find that the cheap flowers generally last longer!

    Those dolls do look a bit creepy. Love those stencils...they look so cool!

  7. i don't like dolls full stop, they creep me out. shame about Becky not being able to meet up with her girlfriend and yes I agree I hate the media jumping in first with news

  8. Ellie's writing is so pretty looks like she did a great job. Great buy on the flowers and love the Halloween decorations as well. Sorry to hear Becky can't see her girlfriend, must be tough on young love and now we are all in lockdown so even harder. Like you I do think its the right thing though x

  9. Those dolls do look quite freaky. Love the Halloween stencils on the door. Those flowers are so pretty – they really have lasted well. #project366

  10. Wow, those flowers still look great - an absolute bargain ! I had a good giggle at your bath water - I thought it was a bath bomb ! The stencils look great. Did you carve the pumpkins or eat them? Poor Becky, what with being laid off and not being able to see her girlfriend much. One day, life will go back to normal and we'll wonder how we never realised how simple everything used to be !

  11. Oh no poor Becky not being able to see her girlfriend indoors must be really hard, its gone so cold lately outside meetings are no good :( So sorry to hear about her job too. It's been a tough time all round. Love the Halloween stencil work.

  12. Love the snow spray design! Sorry to hear that Becky has lost her job and is restricted seeing her girlfriend too. Lockdown for us all is now here but not much has really changed for us! #project366

  13. It's a shame she can't meet her friend and can't work at her part-time job. OoOoO bubbles. Wow, that quiz does look colorful. Woah those dolls look awesome! The work from the stencils is great. Those pumpkins do look small.