Saturday 17 October 2020

Saturday Night - I'm all for staying in! #Blogtober20

I am taking part in Blogtober20 throughout October and today's prompt is "Saturday Night".

I used to love a night out, especially on on a Saturday night when I had all of Sunday to be lazy and recover but now I am much happier staying in. 

Before Coronavirus started to shut the pubs early I hadn't had a night out since February when I went to see a Bon Jovi tribute act, the time before it was before we moved house so July 2019. They were quite civilised nights out, no shots were drank, there was no dancing on stages with bands and I was home before midnight. lol

The thought of having a night out now seems like so much effort.

I'd have to find something to wear. I don't go out often so have nothing new to wear. It would be black jeans, a smart top and boots! Gone are the days where I wear heels. The last time I did was on a night out a good few years ago. By the end of the evening my feet were sore so I took the heels off on the way to the taxi and of course I stepped in some glass and ended up at A&E. At the time, after a few cocktails it was funny. The day after and the next week was not so funny especially when I had the school run to do. If I could have hopped all the way I would have. lol

Then there is the getting ready part. I am not good at putting make up on and wear it once in a blue moon so chances are most of it is out of date. My hair will never go right and I will feel fat and frumpy and obviously hate what I've chosen to wear.

Where we live there is a choice of a couple of pubs, they seem the type that if you walk in the locals will look at you like you have 3 heads. I've never been out to them and going into town would be OK but getting home would be the problem. I am sure the last bus from town to home is just after 7pm and a taxi would cost a small fortune.

I am one of those people who always say I won't drink too much or get drunk on a night out but inevitably I do. I am easily led astray and just one more drink will turn into more. I get a bit of freedom and I will totally take advantage.

By the time I get home I will be a little bit tipsy and of course I won't wash my make up off which always causes problems the next day with my face feeling yucky. I will sleep and will wake up feeling rotten too and not just because of the alcohol but because I've probably been singing, I'll have a sore throat and sore legs from dancing too much.

It really isn't worth the effort. A night out can easily cost £40 or £50 and I would much rather stay at home, with my family, in my pj's, watching TV, eating crisps and drinking a £7 bottle of wine. Strictly starts again tonight so that's even more of an excuse to stay in.

Do you like a night out?


  1. I'm with you, staying in is my favourite thing

  2. I am a bit of a shopahlic so I have a wardrobe full of going out clothes but never anywhere to go, even pre covid!
    When I do go out like yourself I will over do it and be full of regret. Strictiy and wine is the perfect tonic these days! xx

  3. I'm definitely all about the in in rather than the out out!!

  4. This is so me! I used to love a good night out, but I really can't be bothered now. I love cosying up at home and staying in. xx