Sunday 4 October 2020

Into the Groove - A great start to the school year! #Blogtober20

I am taking part in Blogtober20 throughout October and today's prompt is "Into the Groove".

The kids have been back at school and college for almost a month and it finally feels we're back into the groove. It took some doing after having almost 6 months off the school routine.

I think getting up early and the girls having to be out the door on time took it's toll for the first couple of weeks. We were shattered but we're just about used to it again now. The last couple of weeks have been much easier.

School bag and shoes ready for the start of a new term

Ellie is back in school all day, Monday to Friday as normal but Becky is only in college one day a week. Monday one week and Tuesday the next with video lessons one day a week and the rest of the days she has home independent learning. It seems to be working well. Becky has got a little lazy and tries to stay in bed but that's not happening on my watch. She has been great with the home learning apart from asking me a ton of questions which I will help with some of the time but more often than not my reply is either figure it out for yourself or Google it. If she was at college she would have to.

My eldest on the laptop doing her college work

Ellie has gone into year 9 and at the school she's at it was only the higher set kids who did French until now! Her class has started French lessons and Ellie has a bit of a head start as she did it at her old school in year 7. She thinks it's brilliant being nearly the cleverest in her class. hehehe

Lunchtimes are a bit different at Ellie's school now. They have a lot more rules in the dining hall and Ellie is only going in there as a last resort, she is taking a packed lunch now which she is loving. Years ago when she used to take a packed lunch to school she would only eat sandwiches but now she's really mixing things up, of course she still has sandwiches but is also branching out with sandwich thins, wraps, pasta, salad and things like sausage rolls and pork pies.

My girls packed lunch including crisps, sandwiches, fruit, tomatoes and some biscuits.

From what I have read online a lot of schools have kids going in wearing their PE kits when they have a PE lesson that day but Ellie's school has carried on as normal. They get changed into their kits at school. They do have to take a towel too because all PE lessons are outside for the foreseeable, even in the rain and the wind. Eek! 

Becky's college from what I hear is doing great at keeping safe during the pandemic. The classes are smaller than they used to be and masks have to be worn everywhere apart from in the classrooms but from what I've heard from Ellie's school is that social distancing isn't so great but that's kids for you but they are washing their hands lots which is a bonus. There has been no cases of Coronavirus so far at the school or college. Kids have been sent home and some have been tested but there is just a lot of colds going around at the moment which is to be expected at this time of year.

How are your kids getting on at school or college?

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  1. We are just starting to get into school. Star has done 1 full day and 1/2 day. But next week we are going tor a week of half days. Boo started well but then had a week off, but she's starting back again next week with extra help. The Little Man is doing really well and his school has been great. He does go to school in his p.e. kit twice a week. And he has to take his waterproofs on Friday as they do Forest School. He's loving it though and is losing the weight he put on over lockdown.
    I like the luck of Ellies lunch, it's so nice when they start accepting other things other than a bland sandwich. x

  2. It'a so strange all these new routines we have to now get into. Youngest was hvbing to go in in her PE kit but as of last week they are back getting changed again which has to be better . I wouldn't like to be sat in sweaty PE gear all day , for sure!

  3. Getting up during the first weeks of school was really hard after such a long break but we're getting used to it now. I can't believe that it's so dark when we get up though! Good to hear your girls have had a good start and what a confidence boost for Ellie being ahead of her class in French :o)