Friday 2 October 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Visitors! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This past week we have been pretty sociable, always staying safe of course with social distancing.

I feel so lucky that we live where we do. If we still lived in the North East we would have been affected by the newest tightened Coronavirus restrictions but as it stands now we can still have people visit our home. Phew! We are doing our best to stay safe and when someone is visiting no other person is allowed in our house.

My dad has of course been over visiting and I have been helping him with some of the admin for his business. This weeks lesson was teaching him how to take screenshots of various information that he needed to send to people via email. Usually he would have just printed the info off and drop it in to the council but their offices are closed to the public so everything is being done over email which is very frustrating as everything is so slow.

Becky's girlfriend has of course visited. They are still doing so well at social distancing. I don't believe for one second they are when they are alone but in front of myself, Stu and everyone else they are. "A" stopped the night over the weekend which was a first.

I said they weren't allowed to sleep in the same bed. Partly because of social distancing rules but mostly because they're not doing that under my roof until they're older. lol I let them sleep in the same room as long as they kept the window and the door open which they took well considering it is really chilly on a night now. As far as I know they stuck to the rules. I went to bed after them and they were asleep separately, I checked on them during the night and in the morning before they woke and they stuck to their own space. The good thing about Becky having a high bed is that they one of them couldn't get out of it quickly when they hear me coming. hehehe I can get upstairs quicker then they could get down from the bed. 

We also had a visit from Ellie's best friend one day after school. I've missed her. The poor lass did a few of days at school at the start of term then was poorly. (not coronavirus) She's finally fighting fit again and it was nice to see her and nice for Ellie to have a friend over.

We have another visitor coming next week! The gas man to do the gas safety check. I could have sworn it was due in November but the landlord text to say the man is coming next week. I found the paper work from last years check and it is indeed due. It's a good job our landlord is on the ball.

We have had a good week despite the rubbish weather. It feels much more like Autumn now. I've even given in and had the heating on but that was for my own selfish reasons. I wanted a nice soak in the bath and to get out and not freeze. The bathroom is the coldest room in our house.

How has your week been?


  1. We are not currently allowed visitors at the moment because of stricter rules. We don't get many visitors anyway but I had promised the kids that they could have a friend over at half term. I doubt that will be happening now. You are a very strict Mum! I remember staying over at my first boyfriend's sister's house when I was 17. (He lived with his older sister, not his Mum) and we had separate beds and she kept checking on us. (I won't tell you what she missed though, lol!) x

  2. How lovely to have visitors over. You all sound like you are doing it safely. It really isn't easy, is it? Seems all daft when you hear about how little social distancing they do at school. Glad Ellie's friend is feeling better. #wotw

  3. I'm so jealous you're still allowed visitors. I'm in Manchester so we only got about 2 weeks of permitted visitors before we were put on local restrictions. It's so frustrating. And lonely. Working from home is always isolating anyway, but not being able to meet a friend for a dog walk or a cuppa is really taking its toll now. #wotw

  4. Lovely to have visitors and it does sound like you are all doing things very safely. I'm with you on wanting the heating on when getting out of the bath - it's nice to have a warm towel off the radiator! #WotW