Tuesday 13 October 2020

Fame - I don't want it. #Blogtober20

I am taking part in Blogtober20 throughout October and today's prompt is "Fame".

I write about my life and share a lot of it online here on my blog and social media. I am happy for people to read what I write but I would never want to be famous for it or have much attention. People noticing me too much would stress me out. 

It does sound stupid being a blogger and not liking the attention considering I write my blog for people to read it but that's only part of it, there is a lot that I write just to preserve the memories. There are plenty of times I've written something on here and have looked back to find a date that something happened, like the old washing machine breaking and we needed to know how many times it had broke so the insurance cover would replace it when it got to the 4th time or what year we visited a certain place. Then there are blog posts about special occasions which I probably wouldn't remember as well unless I blogged about it.

The closest I have come to any fame is when my girls and I shared our heart story on the Chronicle Live website a few years ago. I won a competition to give a cinema room to the Freeman hospital where they had their open heart surgeries.

I have heard of bloggers sharing their stories with the press and some get horrible comments so I am quite glad it was just a local newspaper that ran our story and it didn't get much attention.

There are also the bloggers which have made it big and have been targeted by a gossip websites. I have looked at it in the past and some of the comments are just plain nasty. Judging everything from what they wear, eat and how they parent their children. They can take something innocent and twist it in the most horrible ways.

Whatever happened to "Be Kind" that was all over social media after Caroline Flack took her own life. Yes, she did assault her then partner which I don't agree at all but in my opinion the press and social media didn't help matters with her frame of mind. The press do like to stir things up and it's not good.

I am quite happy plodding along, doing my own thing and having no fame at all from blogging.

Would you want to be famous?


  1. I totally agree with you on this, I do not want fame and like you I write a blog sometimes just to get things out and off my chest. I have watched those who have made it big and the bad attention that goes with it

  2. I would not want the attention some of the big blogs get either. I use my blog to record our lives. The children laugh at me as I'm forever looking up a recipe on my own blog. It's useful to remind them of places we've been too. Fame is not something I desire. Good luck to those that do. #mmbc

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and I agree with you I can't wait until I don't have to cut my grass again this year either. I think a lot of people love the attention, I love people to visit my blog and I love it even more when they leave me a nice comment but I started blogging to give something useful to like minded crafty people a free pattern or a link to something that they may find useful, I like to think of it as a source of information and like you as a kind of diary of sorts, it's nice to look back and remember certain occasions but fame no thank you.

  4. I totally get writing to preserve instead of to get attention - for some blogging is like a diary and is even a bit private.