Friday 23 October 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Changed! #WotW

 This week my Word of the Week is:


I thought I would be writing today about how we have changed tiers but no, as of writing this yesterday North Lincolnshire is still in tier 1. The other day the case rate had risen to 203 per 100,000 people which was higher than Leicester when it went into lockdown and surrounding areas are going into tier 3 at the weekend. It makes no sense to me. I think the powers that be have just forgotten about us with everything which has been going on with Manchester and the free school meals decision. Grr! 

There has been talk of changing Becky's timetable at college where instead of being in Monday one week for half a day and Tuesday the next. They were getting little done on their half days and it was a faff for people travelling to college when they were only there a few hours. She found out on Tuesday that her days in college have been changed. She is now in every Wednesday. Becky thought that it was brilliant, her girlfriend's day in college was Wednesday but it turns out her day has been changed too, she's now in on a Monday. It would have been the only time they see each other if we change tiers as "A" won't be able to visit here. I guess they'll have to make do with video chats.

I have complained about the new blogger dashboard layout being changed off and on for the last few months but after a couple of weeks of just using the new version I think I have got the hang of it. Everything takes longer to do but there are some features that I like. I'm never going to say it is better than the old one but I'm getting used to it. 

Just when I get used to one thing to do with blogging people go and change other things. Twitter has changed a little when it comes to retweeting and my Facebook blog page has changed too. It's so frustrating, I hate change and too much of it at once stresses me out. Hopefully now that all the big websites have done their updates things will stay the same for a while.

Since Ellie started her new school last year her whole attitude towards doing her homework has changed. Of course she still doesn't want to do it, it takes time away from playing on her computer but there is none of the refusing to do it like there used to be. Most of Ellie's homework is fun to do, I struggle with the Maths but Becky helps with that. I am proud of her but she did tell me yesterday that she had a detention for not doing a piece that she forgot to bring it home. I'm not too worried though, most of the time the effort is there. 

The girls and my fella are happy because Fortnite has changed. It's their favourite game. It has updated for the Halloween season. It now has ghosts, fog and candy to eat. I had to have words with Becky on Wednesday because she was playing it instead of doing college work and Stu didn't want to go to work because he wanted to play too. Kids! Eesh! lol

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  1. Had to laugh at Stu not wanting to go to work because of Fortnite. Graham is the same, big kid sometime :) There have been quite a few changes on Social Media lately, pity you can't change some people attitudes and opinions though!! As for the changes on the COVID tiers, well, does anyone really know what's going on?

  2. It must be difficult waiting for your tier to change. Will it, won't it? At the moment, we seem to have it easier in the South, but I guess it can all change. It does sound like the college has done the right thing, condensing all their in college time into one day. Annoying that the girls can't meet up. Good for Ellie finding her rhythm with homework. Hope you get used to all the changes in the platforms. #wotw

  3. Change is so unsettling at the best of time and it is hard not knowing if your tier is going to change with the Covid restrictions. What a shame for Becky that A's day has changed too and they still won't be in on the same day. I'm finding the change with retweeting on Twitter a little confusing and Facebook changes always take some getting used to too. Glad that Ellie is doing better with getting her homework done although I can imagine that Fortnite is much more appealing! Hope you have a lovely half-term x #WotW