Friday 30 October 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Half-Term! #WotW

 This week my Word of the Week is:


The kids have been off school and college for half-term and we have had a lovely week not doing much at all. It was needed, that time to relax and forget about school & college work although Becky does have an extra week off as they are rejiggling the timetables and what will be taught at home via video and what in college.

The clocks changed over the weekend and it has really made a difference, the evenings now seem to be dragging and Stu is now coming home from work in the dark. It is nice to shut the curtains and get cosy though. The heating is going on more and more, it's been so cold this past week and wet!

We made the most of Monday being dry and went out on the bikes. We called in to see my dad at work and one of his friends how makes a living from making scary dolls. They seem very fitting in the run up to Halloween. Some of them did look cute in a scary kind of way but some of them I wouldn't want to be left alone with. Eek!

Spooky dolls

We have spent the rest of the week, mostly inside watching films and we have started watching Stranger Things from the beginning. We have all seen it before but separately. It's funny watching the girls watch it trying to explain things to me forgetting that I've seen it. 

What I have been plagued with this week is scam phone calls. You know the one's where the person says your broadband is acting strange, log into this website and we will then takeover your computer. They used to say they were from BT but now are saying they're from Sky. It did throw me the first time they said it but I have argued with about 15 of them. Sometimes I play along, sometimes I call them liars and sometimes I get the kids to talk to them. lol They think it's hilarious!

Just as I was writing this blog post it was announced that we're moving into tier 2 here in North Lincolnshire. It wasn't a big surprise, the cases have been rising. It won't make much difference to me apart that my dad and his partner won't be able to visit but for Becky it's a big deal. Her girlfriend won't be visiting until things change. She's gutted.

What have you been up to over the past week?

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  1. We've just gone back into lockdown here in France, but schools are staying open this time so, in theory, for me (as a teacher) and the kids, nothing much will change. We've got to go back to having a written (or printed) "attestation" declaring why we are out of the house each time we go out which is an absolute pain though. Those dolls look a bit freaky ! I did giggle at you and the scam callers - I can imagine you winding them up on the phone ! lol

  2. Those dolls do look scary. I have a doll that belonged to my Mum in my bedroom, a bit like the one in ringlets, but she's not scary..well, I don't think she's scary, the kids do just because she's an old fashion porcelain doll. I am so fed up of the scam callers. I generally just put the phone down but I did get a little angry at one the other week when I wasn't feeling well and I'd had to get up to answer the house phone. We've been in tier two for a while, it looks like tier three next week. It's so confusing. But the schools are not closing. x

  3. Oh my gosh them heads look a bit terrifying! I am in tier 2 but not for long now, joy! X