Tuesday 27 October 2020

Greatest Day - The best days out we've had! #Blogtober20

I am taking part in Blogtober20 throughout October and today's prompt is "Greatest Day".

For a lot of Blogtober I have had a good idea what I'm going to write about but for the prompt Greatest Day I struggled. I have had many great days. The days my girls were born, the day I met Stu, the days they both came through their heart surgeries, the day we moved house, birthdays and anniversaries and days out.

Fairground rides

What we have been missing this year is days out! Thanks Coronavirus! When we moved house to Scunthrope we had some great plans but not have come to fruition. When we first moved, we were skint and it took a couple of months for Stu to get a job and just has we got back on track financially lockdown happened so not many days out have happened. We had one at the start of the year where we visited Hull and had a day out shopping. 

Over the years we have had some fantastic days out as a family and I am going to share a few!

Alnwick Castle! 
We visited Alnwick Castle in 2018 and had such a wonderful day so much so that I had to write it over two blog posts. Part one and part two. Up in Northumberland it one of the largest inhabited castles in England. There is plenty to see, do and there's so much history! 

Alnwick Garden.
Just up the road from Alnwick Castle is Alnwick garden and we visited way back in 2013. The Garden is a space designed to be enjoyed by all your senses, with a collection of over 4,000 plant varieties to discover, thousands of seasonal blooms and countless opportunities to get wet and play in The Garden’s water sculptures. 

Alnwick Garden

The beach!
We loved a day out to the beach and it seems so long since I saw the sea. When we lived in Northumberland we were so luck to have so many beaches just a bus ride away but now the nearest one is a couple of hours away. Our favourite beach to visit up in Northumberland was Amble. It's a little seaside town with a lot of memories for us. Stu, Becky and I had our first day out there and we used to visit at least once a year. Before we moved house it was the one place we had to visit before we left the North East.

Winterton Agricultural Show!
This was the first day out we had when we moved house. My dad got us tickets to Winterton Agricultural Show as he got free one's with displaying his vintage tractor and his vintage car.

Vintage tractor and car

There was so much to see and watch. Every step we took there was something new and different. Horses, sheep, chickens, Alpacas, craft stalls, music, motorbikes, floats, monster trucks, scurry racing, random displays in the main arena, dog shows, fairground rides, lots of different food and so much more!

We were looking forward to going back this year but of course, it was cancelled. Hopefully next year it will be bigger and better than ever!

Simple walks.
As much as my girls will complain and not want to go out for a simple walk when they actually get outside they do have a great time and there seems to be an unwritten law that Ellie has to find a stick and carry it with her. lol

Out for a walk

What have been your best days out as a family?


  1. It's good to be able to look back on events with happiness. I'm starting to miss gigs and travel now.

  2. What a lovely round up, just what I needed to take my mind off all the gloom at the moment!

  3. This year has put a stop to us enjoying days out, it is lovely to look back on fun times though

  4. You had a great time, Alnwick Castle looks amazing!