Thursday 22 October 2020

Can't Get You Out Of My Head - The Songs! #Blogtober20

I am taking part in Blogtober20 throughout October and today's prompt is "Can't Get You Out Of My Head".

My girls are always introducing me to songs which is a good thing but they always seem to be annoying songs. It's them, the most annoying one's which I find myself singing along to or thinking about. The earworms, one's that I can't get out of my head. I am sure when I was there age my parents felt the same about the music I used to listen to but at least they didn't have the issue of all the music being available and online like I do. If my girls want to find a song they just go on to YouTube of play of through Google off Spotify.

Years ago it used to be the theme songs from Cbeebies which always got stuck in my head. Even now when someone says "this or that" I still think of Carrie and David's Pop Shop and the song This or That. Becky used to be obsessed with that song and it's probably the first song she would sing along to all of the time.

Over the years the kids have loved all the annoying songs. What does the fox say, The gummy bear song, Everything is Awesome from the Lego movie and the Duck song which is in fact very cute but it of course gets stuck in my head!

As the girls got over they got into Minecraft and even though there isn't really any songs on the game there is a ton of parody songs. There are some very clever people out there who take a pop song, change the words and make a fancy video to go with it. 

The song which always got me was the Creeper rap. Boom boom boom! I can't stop singing this bloody tune, tune, tune. lol

Now the girls are into watching TikTok and I must admit. Some of the songs are fantastic and a lot of the songs in the charts now I only know because of TikTok. For months I only knew a few lines of Savage Love by Jason Derulo because of the TikTok dance. There are a lot of songs now that I only know a few lines of because that's all that is played on TikTok but one that sticks in my head is the daft stripper song.

Somebody come get her, she's dancin' like a stripper. lol 

The most recent song to get stuck in my head is the disgusting Cardi B song WAP. If you don't know what WAP stands for Google it (when the kids aren't around). I am not usually shocked by songs. I spent my teenage years listening to Eminem but WAP shocked me.

What song always gets stuck in your head?


  1. Fabulous. These are all new on me but I must admit to singing the titles of all these songs during Blogtober.

  2. I end up with so many songs in my head. Currently it's not too bad as I'm not listening to the radio on the commute to work and that's usually the worst culprit. I also tend to get tiktok songs stuck, although haven't been on there for a while to hear those.

  3. Yes, earworms I call them. They get stuck and go around and around your head. I've not heard that Minecraft song, but my daughter has a playlist of minecraft parodies that we have to play in the car on long journeys, how the joy (urgh) I'd not heard of Cardi B's WAP and now I wish I hadn't, lol.

  4. It is funny that the most annoying songs are the ones that get stuck in your head and you keep singing them

  5. Yes I remember you sharing the Minecraft song with us, it's still stuck in my head now haha! My eldest seems to find all of those songs that linger.
    I do love Savage Love though and do the kids heads in singing it around the house.
    Laughing my head off here at the fact WAP is stuck in your head. Naughty girly! Lol x