Saturday 24 October 2020

Week 43 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

 I don't know what I have done with this week. It's been one of those where I've just plodded on with life, housework and not much else. We're still in tier 1 as of writing this which seems like a small miracle as the cases of Coronavirus are increasing here massively.

Next week is half term here and we're looking forward to a week of not having to get up too early for Ellie to be at school. We don't have any plans at all apart from a party tea and watching films on Halloween.

Now for a photo every day!

17th 18th October
19th 20th October
21st 22nd October
23rd October

284/366 - 17th October
It's very rare to get a photo of my girls together now but they were in a good mood on Saturday so thought I'd try my luck.

285/366 - 18th October
There was nothing on TV on Sunday so we watched Harry Potter. Becky's girlfriend has never seen any of the films so it was a treat. I would love to be able to go back and watch them for the first time.

286/366 - 19th October
I was taking some photos for a blog post. The jigsaw will be coming up in a post soon.

287/366 - 20th October
Ellie was ready with time to spare before she went to school so I thought I'd snap a photo. 

288/366 - 21st October
A coffee and the last piece of cake which seemed like a real treat as the kids usually eat it all.

289/366 - 22nd October
Ellie found a flashlight and took great pleasure in shining it in everyone's eyes.

290/366 - 23rd October
Becky was doing a bit of college work before her girlfriend came for a visit. 

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  1. Always a bonus when you get the leftovers instead of finding them gone! I've been back puzzling this week too.

  2. Can't believe how popular Harry Potter still is, after 20+ years. I wouldn't mind watching the movies again.Lovely photo of the girls together

  3. Glad you managed to get some cake. I must get around to watching all the Harry Potter films - only seen the first one all the way through, but dipped into others. Have read the books multiple times though.

  4. Juliette is a big fan of Harry Potter and I sat down and watched all the films with her and Pierre during confinement. I'd seen bits of them but never the whole film. Lovely to get a picture of the girls together - it's definitely harder as they get older ! lol

  5. how lovely to get a rare picture together where they are both smiling, well done girls.
    I was doing a jigsaw during the week.
    Wow at never having watched a HP film.....must be quite rare, glad she enjoyed it

  6. I only ever watched the first Harry Potter film from start to end, the others only as the background noise, when Eddie was watching them. Lovely photo of Becky and Ellie together.
    Great that you got the last piece of cake! I love puzzles, and thinking of buying a big one for myself for Christmas, since I don't know the current Ravensburger contacts, used to have their puzzles for reviews regularly, but then my PR people stopped working with the brand, boo hoo.

  7. We really need to introduce my son to the Harry Potter films and I've only watched the first three I think. Need to get back into jigsaws too #366

  8. I still love watching Harry Potter. Want to go to the studio at some point but it is so expensive!

    Nice to get a picture of the girls together...I haven't managed to get one in ages!

  9. Lovely photo of your girls together. I haven't watched the Harry Potter films in ages - might have to watch them again. Lovely to get the last piece of cake! #project366

  10. You will have to come to our house, Harry Potter is on repeat here LOL

  11. I'm super jealous of anyone getting to watch the Harry Potter films for the first time, what a real treat! :) We just marathon watched them recently for the millionth time and still love them! Fabulous picture of the girls together!x

  12. So pleased you got to the cake before the kids! Nothing lasts for very long here either, so nice to have a little treat left for yourself. Us mum's deserve some cake too.

  13. I thought my kids had watched the HP films but they claim not! That's our weekends in lockdown sorted then :) #project366

  14. Awww lovely photo of the girls together. We are on film 4 here and taking it slowly as they get a bit dark towards the end don't they. Plus it is a good motivation for my eldest to read the book first.I need to bake a cake now...

  15. Lovely girls! It's a surprise now when you hear a teenager who hasn't seen the Harry Potter movies. Ellie's looking smart. OoOo cake.