Tuesday 6 October 2020

She Drives Me Crazy - My girls are just like me! #Blogtober20

I am taking part in Blogtober20 throughout October and today's prompt is "She Drives Me Crazy".

I did think about writing about just one of my girls listing the way that one of them drives me crazy but that isn't fair even though Ellie said I should write about Becky and Becky said the same about Ellie too. hehehe

I have decided to tell you about the annoying habits that the girls get from me. Habits which drive myself and my girls crazy. We're not perfect and like my fella says we're three peas in a pod, bad habits and all.

Myself and my girls are experts at:

Slopping food.
The 3 of us struggle to eat a meal without spilling something down our tops. My fella can manage it but the girls and I can't. I don't know what it is with us. Soup is the worst meal to eat. lol

Having a Floordrobe.
I always tell the girls off for leaving clean clothes on their floors instead of putting them away in their drawers and wardrobes but I am just as bad and when I tell them off they tell me off too. Oops.

Loving pj's.
Given the chance myself and my girls would stay in pj's all of the time. I am fine with staying in our pj's on a weekend and when they're off school if it's a wet and grey day when there is no chance of us going out but sometimes my girls try to push their luck. Becky isn't in college every day and has online meetings with her class and tutor and she tries to stay in her pj's for that and Ellie will sometimes just put a jumper over her pj top and try to carry on her day.

Spending time on the internet.
My girls and I couldn't live without the internet. We would be lost without it. We all speak to our friends via it, play games and watch YouTube. If the internet ever does go off we all panic and my fella is always so chilled about it. He could live without it so doesn't understand. 

Finding an easy way to do something.
If my girls can find a shortcut to do something they will. Sometimes it's not for the best. I caught Ellie washing up with cold water because she didn't want to wait for the hot water to come through the tap which would only take an extra minute and Becky will iron things on the floor instead of getting the ironing board out because it's easier. I am exactly the same though, I will buy peeled potatoes to save peeling them, I will wait until someone passes through the living room to switch the light on to save getting up. I think we might be a little lazy.

Getting Hangry.
My girls and I are not nice people if we get too hungry. I have never know anyone else like us three. I always say get something to eat if the kids are angry for no obvious reason and they say the same to me. 

Using too many words.
If you ask any of us to explain something we will over explain it and keep on talking until you tell us to stop. It drives me crazy. I know I do it and when the girls do it I say tell me in 20 words or less.

Not listening.
They're kids and why would they listen to their mother but sometimes to be honest I don't listen to them. When they're talking about Fortnite usually. Oops. They talk and I just nod at the appropriate pauses and say that's good.

Do your children share your bad habits too?


  1. I love this me and my Daughter are very much like this I think it must be a girl thing, as she is so like her dad in many ways as well

  2. OMG I so relate to everything you mentioned. I find the teenager daughter stage the most challenging xx

  3. I like that you've included yourself too...poor Stu :) xx

  4. I love this post. You guys look alike, too. A mother daughter relationship is a beautiful thing.

  5. I relate to so many of these, especially the embarrassing Floordrobe.

  6. I love this! It's amazing how alike you all are. I'm trying to think if I share any qualities or bad habits with my kids and I can't really think of any. Hanger is a problem here too! It affects me and my boys. I often don't recognise it in myself - I suddenly feel miserable and angry and I don't know why. Then I have literally two mouthfuls of food and I feel my mood completely change.