Friday 9 October 2020

This week my Word of the week is: Imagine #Blogtober20 #WotW

I am taking part in Blogtober20 throughout October and today's prompt is "Imagine" and I am also linking up To Raisie Bay's Word of the Week linky too.

This week my Word of the week is: 

As the clock struck midnight and we brought in 2020 I never imagined this year would be what is has been! This isn't the year I had planned! Could you ever imagine a year like we've had so far, it's not even over yet. It seems like a plot from a really bad film. The Australian bush fires, we left the European Union, we were threatened with World War 3, George Floyd’s murder, racism, police violence, Coronavirus, Donald Trump and more fires in America.

This time last year I could never imagine living how we are living now in the midst of pandemic. In March life as we knew it came to a grinding halt when we went into lockdown and now life is so different. I don't think I have fully relaxed since the middle of February. Even when I think I'm relaxed in the back of my mind I am thinking of the what if's.

Before this year could you ever imagine fighting over loo rolls like we did, the supermarkets being empty, going outside to clap for the carers, pubs being closed early, not being able to see your loved ones and the kids having so long off school?

It's got to the point now where I can't imagine going to the shops without a mask on, standing close to someone I don't know and having a house full of people. It is hard to imagine what the future will bring. I am doing what I can to keep myself and my family safe but it is scary even though I don't personally know anyone who's had Coronavirus.

The kids have been full of cold over the past couple of weeks. Becky started with it and of course passed it to Ellie. If it wasn't for the snotting and sneezing I would have really worried as Ellie was hit hard with a cough. She had a couple of days off school. I imagine that if people saw her on Monday or Tuesday they would think she had coronavirus. 

Becky is on with claiming the money from her child trust fund and the £500 she was given from the government when she was a baby has done well. It's now worth just over £1000. She has been imagining what she can spend it all on but I have had words with her, she won't be wasting it, it will be going on driving lessons and towards a car. She actually found a car on Facebook Marketplace and it was a good price and local but she only wanted it because it was green. lol I've told her not to run before she can walk and at least have a few driving lessons before she starts looking at cars. It would be daft to buy a car and have it sat on the drive until she does pass her test.

I keep seeing Christmas mentioned on social media and can't imagine having a Christmas like we did last year. Going to see the lights being switched on, to the carol concert and even having family over. Locally everything has already been cancelled. I think we will be in another full lockdown by Christmas, if not before. There is going to be a new set of announcements on Monday and I don't imagine they are going to go down well, especially with those who already have more restrictions than I do here. Eek! 


  1. It certainly has been a year for the history books hasn't it. I think you are right in reigning Becky in from getting a car just yet, let her have a few lessons first. What a great thing to spend her money on though. Star had the £500 but it had reduced to £250 by the time Boo was born and then when The Little Man was born it was reduced again to just £50!! I put his compensation money in from the accident we had a couple of years ago and now he has more than the girls. x

  2. I love the word imagine. And what a hopeful one for 2020. I never imagined the year would turn out how it did either. There has certainly been a lot more chaos than I imagined and a lot more good too.

    Thank you for these thoughts!

  3. Who would ever imagined it would pan out like this year has? Frustrating that the rules for all parts of life keep changing. Makes forward planning difficult. Well done Becky with her nest egg. My eldest missed out on getting it by a few weeks, which she has never stopped reminding her two siblings, who did get it. I hope she finds a good way to spend it. Driving lessons would be a brilliant idea. #wotw

  4. Imagine is such a big word as it can take you off in so many directions and thoughts. I have all this to go with C and her trust fund next year

  5. Oh yes, all that you say is so true. I'm not in the UK, but we here in the Netherlands were also hit hard economically as well as socially by the coronavirus pandemic. My care facility had to close for visitors from mid-March till the end of May. Thankfully, politicians here are trying to prevent that happening again even if (when!) coronavirus hits us hard enough again that we need to go into another lockdown.

  6. Life has certainly changed hugely and I don't think any of us could have imagine the year that we have had. It's hard too not knowing where it will all end either. Hope the girls are feeling better soon. How lovely for Becky that her trust fund did well. Good luck with her with driving lessons and eventually finding a car x #WotW