Sunday 18 October 2020

Some Might Say - The Controversial Parenting Tag. #Blogtober20

I am taking part in Blogtober20 throughout October and today's prompt is "Some Might Say".

Lots of people have different opinions about parenting. Some people are all for one thing when others can be totally against it and vice versa. 

A long while ago I saw the controversial parenting tag with some of the most argued about topics in parenting. Some might say you're wrong to have an opinion differing to theirs and go against how they would raise their child but it doesn't matter. You raise your child how you want to raise it. These are my opinions and how I have raised and are raising my children. Everyone parents differently, I would never judge anyone on their ways so please don't on mine.

Baby in crib
Pro-life or Pro-choice?
Pro-choice! Every women should have the choice what they want to put there body though. I have never had an abortion but I wouldn't judge someone if they had or wanted one, it is their choice.

Baby wearing?
I never did baby wearing with my girls but had planned to with Becky but then I had a c-section and I was so sore I never actually used the baby carrier/sling thing I had bought. If I had another child it is something I would want to try.

With only having girls it's something I've never really thought about but now thinking about it, it would be a no unless there was a medical reason. I just see it as putting your child through unnecessary pain.

YES, I am all for it! There are too many children in the world that need loving homes. I think it's so sad that some children unfortunately will never know the love from being part of a family. Once my brother and I had left home my mum and dad used to foster children. They were short term foster carers and it was so heart breaking to see all the kids going through the care system. I always thought to myself if I could have adopted them I would have.

Baby piercing?
My girls haven't got their ears pierced, I chose not to pierce their ears when they were younger as I think they are dangerous with babies and toddlers. I had my ears pierced when I was a teen and they didn't stay in for long as I was always catching them on things. I know piercing ears only causes a little pain when they are done but I wouldn't want to put my children through any pain that isn't necessary. The girls have asked for their ears pierced but at the moment it is out of my hands. With their heart conditions the doctors don't recommend it as it could cause infection. 

Breast VS Formula?
Does it matter as long as the baby is fed. The breast is best nonsense has to stop. A fed baby is best!

CIO (cry it out) VS other?
I left my girls to cry for a couple of minutes to see if they would settle themselves but leaving them for longer is something I couldn't do. The majority of the time a baby cries because it needs something, sometimes that could just be a cuddle.

A tiny tap on the bottom or on the hand yes but just a tap, not a smack, I did when my girls were little and they were out of control but that seemed to stop when they were a little older at about 5 years old when I could reason with them. Sometimes saying no is not enough when they are determined to touch or eat something they shouldn't. Obviously now my girls know the rules and we have set boundaries.

My girls were great sleepers and when Becky was little Co-Sleeping wasn't a thing in fact I am sure midwives didn't recommend it at all. When Ellie was little it was just starting to happen but it never crossed my mind to co sleep. I would have been terrified of rolling on her. Sometimes when the kids were poorly they did sleep with me and Stu was relegated to their sofa but I felt like there was enough room in a double bed for me and a poorly child and plus if they were ill I hardly slept anyway. I have nothing against it but it wasn't something I really did.

Home VS Public VS Private schooling?
I think as long as a child is educated then it doesn't matter. Before lockdown I thought that home schooling would be amazing but it is hard ruddy work. We discovered it's not for us and we're not rich enough for Private schooling. lol We are lucky in our country to have public schools and thankfully Ellie is in a great one.

Yes, I don't understand why people wouldn't vaccinate. It's like they are happy with running the risk of their child catching a disease which could hurt or even kill them. 

Medicating children?
Yes, as long as its not over medicating children. I try not to take medication even things as simple as paracetamol for a headache. Thankfully my girls are rarely poorly but if they needed medicine they would have it. When Ellie was little she used to really suffer with chest infections and the only way to clear them was with antibiotics, that was always a last resort though.

Cloth VS Disposable nappies?
With both of the girls I used disposable nappies. Cloth one's weren't popular then even though my mum used to use the Terry's ones with my brother and I. Cloth nappies have improved a lot since then, with no safety pins in sight and if I was to have another child I would consider using cloth nappies. They are better for the environment after all.

Store bought baby food vs homemade?
When my girls were little I used a bit of both. The girls would eat porridge or something similar for breakfast a jar, store bought for lunch and usually what I was eating for tea. Like with breast V bottle it doesn't really matter as long as the baby is fed.

How do you feel about these controversial subjects?


  1. All controversial topics but we all have a right to our opinion & I don't think there's a right or wrong way! #MMBC

  2. Love this Kim. If only others would be the same and less judgemental.