Sunday 11 October 2020

I Should Be So Lucky - Sometimes I am! #Blogtober20

I am taking part in Blogtober20 throughout October and today's prompt is "I Should Be So Lucky".

I used to think I was an unlucky person until I started entering online competitions many, many years ago. It was actually through comping that I discovered blogs and decided to give blogging a go for myself. I don't enter as many as I did now, mostly what I enter are just other competitions on blogs but over the years I have won some fantastic prizes.

A 4 leaf clover

My first big competition win was a £100 worth of Dora the Explorer toys, games and accessories which the girls loved. They were big fans of Dora at the time. That got me well and truly hooked on comping! 

One Christmas in the advent competitions that companies run every day in December I won something every day on the trot for 24 days, some days even more than one prize. Board games, dvd's, £150 worth of Amazon vouchers, CD's, Becky's first ever tablet, a case wine, chocolate hampers, socks, a ready bed, nail varnish, slippers. All of the prizes made for a fantastic Christmas. The kids thought that Santa had been mega generous! 

There was the time I won a retro style BBQ which was worth a few hundred pounds. I only entered the competition to win the other part of the prize, the £300 supermarket vouchers. We had no use for a BBQ with the size it was and I didn't expect to win it. Thankfully we knew someone who bought it off us. Phew! The money and the vouchers were put away for Christmas and that year was another amazing Christmas.

I think the best prize I have won for myself was the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. It was a competition on Twitter, a simple retweet won me a phone on the day it was released and it was delivered the next day. It is served me well, I still use it now!

Samsung Galaxy S5 phone

If you asked the kids what the best prize I've ever won is they would say the Ultimate VIP package to see Disney On IceWe were picked up in a huge pink limousine and taken to the Metro Arena in Newcastle. (It was when we lived up north). We were taken into the VIP room and the girls got to meet Anna & Elsa off Frozen. There was free food and drinks and goody bags too. We were sat in the 2nd row for the show and it was amazing! We sung and danced all of the way through and absolutely loved it! 

Disney on ice.

Now I only seem to win little prizes but I still get that same thrill as if it was an expensive, massive, one of a kind prize. Comping is a very time consuming hobby. You can enter hundreds and thousands and not win a thing and just when you're about to give up you win one and then you are hooked again. 

Di Coke has a fab monthly linky where blog competitions are listed, I also find them from the websites Loquax and Prizefinder and of course through all the wonderful blogs that I read. 

Do you enter competitions online? What's the best prize you have won?


  1. its a standing joke that i only win stuff thats of no use to me , down the years my SIL won a car that i wrote her the slogan for , my dad and mam got a couple of holidays that i couldnt take and my favourite the tickets for the FA cup final that id entered to get my hands on a years supply of kit ..we dont even like football so a work colleague masqueraded as me . These days its jam and chutney ive had 2 lots this week other half is in heaven

  2. That is amazing. You are a very lucky person. The pink limo must have been quite a sight. Good luck with your future entries. #mmbc

  3. I can't believe you won a phone! I enter giveaways on Twitter and have mostly won books but I've never won really big prizes like you.


  4. wow you have won some amazing prices :)