Friday 21 October 2016

We saw Disney On Ice! #WotW

A lot of words could describe this week....Special, overwhelmed, excited, Disney, Frozen, VIP, happy and wow but this week my Word of the Week is:

I won an amazing competition a few weeks ago from North East Family Fun to win VIP tickets to see Disney on Ice....We went on Tuesday and had such an amazing time!

There is going to be a lot of photos! lol

We were picked up and taken to the Metro Radio Arena in a pink limousine....The driver was such a nice fella and the girls thought it was amazing....We had music playing the whole way there and they danced and smiled throughout the whole journey!

We were taken to the back entrance of the Arena and met by a lovely lady who showed us to the VIP room....As we had got stuck in traffic we were a little late but the meet and greet with Anna and Elsa had just started.....Becky and Ellie were amazed! They got to meet the stars of the show! 

There was free drinks, food and face painting....Goody bags were handed out and before we knew it the show was about to start! We took our seats....We were on the 2nd row which was amazing! We could see everything so clearly!

The show started and it was amazing! I nearly cried....It was so overwhelming seeing the excitement on my girls faces, so many of the Disney characters and just to be there!! We were so lucky!

I won't ruin the show for anyone who has tickets but it follows the story of the film.....It is beautiful, funny, a little scary for little one's and there's snow!!! 

We sung, smiled and danced all the way through....My throat was actually hurting from all the Before we knew it the first half was over and we went back up to the VIP room for ice cream....

It was so, so fantastic not having to queue for the toilet for the whole of the interval....I even had chance to have a sneaky glass of wine....hehehe 

We made our way back to our seats for the second half and timed it just right....

It was AMAZING! I don't have words to express how amazing the show was, how grateful I am to have the chance to take my family and how happy the girls were....

It was the best evening of our lives....The girls said way better than any birthdays or Christmas's they've had. I must try


  1. What an evening! The biggest smiles on your girls' faces. You look like you had an amazing time!(I would have lost my voice singing I'm sure)#wotw

  2. Just wow! It all looks and sounds amazing and with the girls saying it was the best evening ever, well, that says it all! Glad you all loved it x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. What an amazing night you all had, I think the girls smiles say it all in your photos I bet you are still buzzing from it now. #WotW

  4. AWWW What an amazing prize and night you had. Your girls looked like they had the best time X #wotw

  5. AH how wonderful - I'm soooooo pleased you all had a wonderful time. I love your video xx

  6. Great to read about your fantastic win and family fun evening out. #WotW

  7. Wow
    It looks like you all had such an amazing time xx

  8. Oh wow I didn't realise it was a competition prize. Sounds like you were all looked after so well, and how fantastic to arrive in a limo. No wonder the girls thought it was their best night ever x

  9. So glad to see you all had THE best time :)
    what an amazing experience and how brilliant that you got a posh ride as well! Hehe xx