Tuesday 18 October 2016

Autumn Crafts from Baker Ross.

Last week we reviewed Halloween crafts from Baker Ross.....Along with those crafts we were sent some Autumn one's too....

Pack of 4 - £2.75

Each kit contains a pre-punched card template with 4 assorted designs - Fox, Hedgehog, Squirrel & Snail and coloured yarn in 6 assorted colours - Purple, Green, Yellow, Red, Brown & Orange...

My girls had a great time colouring these bookmarks in but got bored quickly when it came to the cross stitching.....Cross stitching is just not for us....They are pretty bookmarks though and are being used.....

Pack of 100 - £2.99

These stickers are printed on white self-adhesive foam....There are 25 different designs including a tree, owl, fox, badger, leaf, toadstool, squirrel, acorn, deer, bird, hedgehog, apple, conker, rabbit, pine cone and pumpkin....

I loved these....I was so tempted not to give them to the girls and keep them for myself....Ellie decided that instead of just sticking the stickers randomly on card she would make a tree....I loved their creations.

Pack of 5 - £3.49

Sometimes I really should read the instructions before we jump in and get on with crafts.....

There are 5 assorted leaf designs....Each pack includes pre-printed and self-adhesive card shapes, coloured sand and hanging ribbon.

Aha! There is no glue required!! But if you are an idiot like me and my girls you can use glue. lol Oops. Oh well....Using glue added an extra element of fun for us. We had a great time with this kit....

We were sent these craft products free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own!


  1. I think these Baker Days packs are such good value for money and have some lovely ideas in them. Like you, we're not into sewing or cross stick. I have enough trouble sewing on badges onto T-shirts!
    Lovely craftwork by your girls!

    PS: you're doing really well with #Blogtober. Keep it up!

  2. Aw love the girls sticker collages, they are lovely.
    You really do get such a lot in the Baker Ross kits don't you :) x