Thursday 13 October 2016

What's in my fridge. #Blogtober16

I am taking part in Blogtober16 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October....

Today I am sharing the contents of my fridge....This post was written a couple of weeks ago but this is what my fridge looks like on an average week. I made sure to get a photo just after a shopping delivery. It looks nothing like this at the end of a week.

I know, it is so unorganised. There is no order at all to it and it's lacking fruit and veg. I got that the next day from Lidl.

In the main part of the fridge...

Top Shelf.
Mushrooms, cripsy potoato slices and caramel iced coffee (which I drink far too much of but it's delicious)

2nd Shelf.
Tuna pasta salad, sliced ham, sliced chicken, peeled potatoes (yes, I am a lazy cook), pork and apple pies, yoghurts.

3rd Shelf.
Bacon, grapes, rose wine, sliced cheese, sliced honey roast ham.

4th Shelf.
Tins of corned beef, custard slices, 2 Belgian chocolate choux Buns, butter, ham and pineapple pizza, pepperoni pizza, half a tin of beans, grated cheese.

The tray at the bottom.
Alcopops, cider and lager.

In the fridge door.

Top shelf.
Jus Rol Bake It Fresh Cinnamon Swirls, a huge tomato, a tin of tuna and a jar of beef paste.

Middle shelf.
Jus-Rol Bake It Fresh Pain Au Chocolate, squirty cream, salad cream, mayonaise, Thousand island sauce and some jars of salmon paste.

Bottom shelf.


  1. Wow, there's some scrummy stuff in your fridge! Sadly I'm gluten free so can't eat any of it! #Blogtober16

  2. That's a good variety of drlicious food! I'm intrigued though, tins in the fridge? Tuna and corned beef? #Blogtober16

    1. I've always kept them in the fridge. It's easier to slice the corned beef if it is chilled ;)

  3. I'm liking your yummy foods! Those cinnamon swirls look good, I've not seen them. I make mine from scratch but I'd love to be able to get them ready to cook. I buy Belgian Chocolate Choux buns too, I can make choux pastry but my daughter always complains about it (she's the only one, everyone else likes it) so I buy them instead. She won't let me make chocolate eclairs either :(

    1. I wouldn't know where to start making cinnamon swirls from scratch...
      Ohh! I would love home made choux buns and eclairs too...
      Thank you!

  4. Ooh lots of nice food in your fridge! I love opening the fridge just after the shopping delivery when it's full like this! We have some of those jus-rol things in the fridge at the moment, going to bake them with the kids tonight. #Blogtober16

    1. Thank you!
      hehehe I saw the Jus Rol things in your fridge. I wish they came in bigger tubes. About 3ft long would do me. They are so good x

  5. I would say you're a Tesco shopper?! So am I... well I was until recently at least. I defected to Morrisons! But the Tesco crispy potato slices - yum! #Blogtober16

    1. hehehe! I am. I do love Tesco but I would try Morrisons if they delivered....Our nearest one is miles away. The crispy potato slices are amazing. I've tried making them myself and they are just not the same!

  6. I dont think your fridge is that unorganised at all! Everything sounds yummy! #Blogtober16

  7. I used to be a Tesco shopper but I've found my shopping cheaper at Asda lately. I miss the points I used to collect but now they're not doubling them up at Christmas it wasn't worth paying the extra for the groceries!

  8. I love a full fridge after shopping! Lots of yummy food in your fridge x

  9. OMG peeled potatoes!!! I need them in my life, where do I get them LOL

  10. Oh I really like the idea of Just Roll bake it cinnamon swirls and pan an chocolate - I could feel like a domestic goddess without doing any work. I'm actually loving having a nose in everyone's fridges.