Saturday 3 October 2020

Week 40 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

It has been a pretty quiet week. My dad, Ellie's friend and Becky's girlfriend have all visited (not at the same time though, I've made sure to stay safe). I have been busy with them and it feels like I've had no time to myself. It's not a bad things but it has meant that I've not been able to start on the Christmas blog posts that I want to write and to take photos of things that need reviewing.

You can tell when I've had a quiet week because my photos always feature food. lol

Now for a photo every day! 

A sweetie traybake cake and Frozen 2 on the TV.
chicken curry in the slow cooker
A burger and my youngest in a unicorn onesie
A Terry's chocolate orange and a stuffed crust pizza.

270/366 - 26th September
I bought a traybake cake as a treat and the kids thought I was up to something. I had to actually eat a piece for them to believe we weren't missing out on something. lol

271/366 - 27th September
We watched both of the Frozen films on Sunday. The first one is still my favourite.

272/366 - 28th September
I made a chicken curry in the slow cooker. It is a lazy one, I use sauce out of a jar and just add everything. It does taste amazing though.

273/366 - 29th September
I was home alone so I had a lazy lunch. A microwave burger. 

274/366 - 30th September
I have a unicorn! It's onesie weather and I am amazed Ellie's unicorn onesie still fits her with all the growing she's done.

275/366 - 1st October
People think chocolate oranges are a Christmas thing but for me they're an all year round things. It is one of my favourite chocolates.

276/366 - 2nd October
I've seen this pizza being sold for quite a while and last night we tried it. Who'd have thought you could get cola on a pizza!

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  1. Never tried a chicken curry in the slow cooker. Might have to give it a go!

    We got a Terry's chocolate orange too...can't resist them!

    Cola on a pizza? How did it taste?

  2. I cook everything in my slow cooker, nothing wrong with a weeks worth of food photos. Lol at you having to sample the tray bake

  3. Not thought of doing a curry in the slow cooker, although it's an obvious thing to do. I like the idea of doing it the lazy way with a jar. I might have to give that a go.

  4. What did you think of cola on a pizza? I'm not sure I would want to try it. The traybake looks like a cake my kids would enjoy. I also prefer the first Frozen, especially the part when they are little. We saw Frozen 2 in the cinema. Oh the days, when we still went to the movies with Eddie.

  5. I'm with you on chocolate oranges. I'll buy them whenever they're on offer. I've seen those pizzas on offer quite a lot, not usually a fan of stuffed crust (not sure it's the OH's thing either) but some of the flavours look interesting.

    Same with onesies, I thought N would have grown out of his - he's had it 2 years (admittedly an age 9-10), but thought the body would have been too short for him. Still just about fits and should do him unless he had a 3cm growth spurt

  6. Lol I actually had a look in our supoermarket for a chocolate orange earlier and it seemed the only Christmassy thing they weren't selling! #366

  7. I spy a Terry's Chocolate Orange! :) I absolutely love them, but do try and stick to only eating them at Christmas as I could pribably eat them all year! Fab to hear you've had a constant stream of visitors, it will keep you occupied! Cola on a pizza?! Now, I do love random toppings but it sounds crazy, was it good?! Sim x

  8. Your photos have made me feel hungry! How lovely to get yourself a traybake cake just as a treat. The chicken curry and pizza look delicious. Love the unicorn onesie. #project366

  9. OK, I'm trying to get my head around cola pizza ! lol. Is it like the cola chicken thing? I've been saying I'll try that for ages and still haven't done it ! I LOVE chocolate oranges but I do keep them as a Christmas treat, so they seem extra special. That said, they don't sell them in France so my options are limited anyway. Love the unicorn onesie - very cute ! I've always assumed that microwavable burgers would go horrible and soggy. Am I missing out on something good here ?!

  10. I love that unicorn onesie, super cute. The chicken curry looks delicious

  11. haha at your children being suspicious of the cake! We eat cake ALL the time mine are more suspicious if I don't have cake in at the moment. I still haven't seen the second Frozen film, I better remedy that soon I guess. Yum I like the sound of your chicken curry! x

  12. My kids adore microwave burgers! I think we've had that cake and the kids loved the sweets #project366

  13. I must admit I do love a chocolate orange! They are one of my favourites. Sounds like you have had a lovely week catching up with everyone. Hope you managed to catch up on your planned posts and photos. I have been trying to catch up on photos all week.

  14. Not thought of doing a curry in the slow cooker. Since I changed mine to a pressure cooker, slow cooker I've not used as much. I like the idea of doing it the lazy way with a jar. xx

  15. All that delicious, tempting food is making me hungry...... The curry has a delicious colour. I've yet to see Frozen 2. Microwave burger? That's a cool unicorn onesie.