Tuesday 10 November 2020

Teenagers in love, during a pandemic.

Becky came out to Stu and I as gay last year and has been in a serious relationship with "A" since January this year. At the moment they think they will be together forever and as far as I can tell I don't doubt it but who knows what the future will bring. I know they are both their first loves but they do seem solid and have plans for the future.

A and B

At the start of the year Becky and "A" were spending 3 days a week at college together with "A" coming here one night for tea and Becky going to hers for one night until about 9pm. Then lockdown happened. They did try to push their luck at the start of lockdown and tried to meet up which caused a bit of drama but after a good talking to by me and "A's" mum they saw sense and realised that they couldn't see each other.

Becky and "A" didn't see each other in person until the rules were changed to allow visits in the garden outside. They made do with video chats, phone calls and instant messaging. "A" started visiting again when she could and the girls stuck to the rules by staying outside, even in the rain. One day they were sat just to say in the garage with umbrellas trying to keep dry. It seemed that every time that "A" visited it would rain, even in the middle of summer. lol

A month or so ago one Saturday evening the girls were in a good mood, I was late in cooking tea and it seemed rotten to send "A" home so I suggested that she slept over. My rules were that they didn't sleep in the same bed. I think they are still too young for that sort of thing. I totally get where my parents were coming from when I was Becky's age. Not under my roof and all of that.

I feel very proud to say that the girls have been sticking to the rules, mostly! It is brilliant that Becky has a metal, creaky high bed. There is no way that one of them could get down from it in the time that it takes me to get to Becky's room from anywhere in the house so I know they are not sleeping together.

Social distancing is hard but we've all tried our best. The girls tried to stick to it, at least in front of Stu and I which I think needs to be applauded. It must be hard for teenagers in love to stay 2 metres apart. I know they've not socially distancing all of the time. I've seen the photos on Snapchat and the TikTok videos which I do tell them off about but to be honest I feel pretty safe being around "A", she isn't mixing with other people apart from her mum and sister and as a family they are being sensible too.

"A" stayed over at least one night a week for about a month and became part of the family. She really is a lovely lass. She wants to help out around the house and cook, I won't let her but at least the offer is there. She gets on great with Ellie and is fantastic at getting her to do her homework. hehehe. "A" is just a pleasure to be around.

When we moved onto tier 2 it was back just seeing each other on video chats, messaging and phoning each other. It's tough for them but they are dealing with it. Then the National Lockdown happened and it has annoyed them a little but at least they might be able to see each other when that is lifted at the start of December. I have said if "A" can't come here we will meet up in town and do a bit of shopping (socially distanced of course). There is hope!

The girls have talked about the future and how this year is going to be something they will remember forever! It certainly will be. Nothing like this has ever happened in my life time and I've told then at least now they have the technology to communicate. All I had was MSN messenger, a rubbish mobile phone and house phone. There wasn't any video chatting. lol

How have your teenagers coped without seeing their friends and loved one's?


  1. It certainly is an unusual start to a relationship. When I met my first boyfriend we didn't even have a house phone and I had to go to the phonebox on the corner to call him and see if he was coming over. I actually met him by talking to him over a CB radio though, I guess these days it would have been a computer chat room, they did get a little popular just as I turned into my teenage years.
    I'm glad Becky and A are happy and I hope their relationship continues to flourish despite the unusual start. How lovely that A gets on with Becky too. x

  2. Aw, it must be so hard for them. A sounds like such a lovely girl, I'm really happy for them both and wish them all the best. xx