Saturday 21 November 2020

Week 47 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

We have had a better week this week compared to last. My dad still isn't well because of Coronavirus, the chest and water infection he's had but he is so much better than he was. I spoke to him last night on the phone and for the first time in a couple of weeks he didn't sound severely ill. I cried, he called me a soppy sod but it was such a relief. I am worrying less now. My dad is on the mend and we have done our self isolation and got through it without showing any symptoms.

I did some more Christmas shopping yesterday. It is a good thing that you can do your food shop online and buy gifts for people too, not just food one's although I did buy a ton of selection boxes as the Cadbury one's were half price in Tesco. I also bought a couple of treats and a birthday cake for myself.

Now for a photo every day!

Purple hair
The Queen on the TV & My eldest with a card from her girlfriend
A Friends advent calendar and a pile of birthday presents for me.
Mince pies and a Harry Potter birthday cake.

312/366 - 14th November
I was going to re-dye my hair blue but realised I didn't have enough blue left so I mixed some pink and it ended up like this! I am not going to recommend mixing colours but this time it worked out well. Purple is my favourite colour and there are still hints of the blue peeping through when I'm in the light.

313/366 - 15th November
The 4th series of The Crown was released on Netflix and I have already watched it all despite saying I would work through it slowly. It was so good. I did want to hate Camilla but didn't and I really feel for Princess Diana. 

314/366 - 16th November
Becky's girlfriend dropped a card off just to say she was thinking of her and missing her. I thought it was such a lovely thing to do and was very pleased she had the sense not to knock on the door.

315/366 - 17th November
Becky's advent calendar arrived. I bought it from Debenhams for £15. It is filled with things like pencils, notebooks, stickers and things like that. 

316/366 - 18th November
The kids wrapped my birthday presents and gave me strict orders to stay away from them. I have of course had a sneaky feel. hehehe

317/366 - 19th November
It's that time of the year where I go through the mince pies and an amazing pace. hehehe

318/366 - 20th November
My birthday cake arrived with the food shop. I can't wait to eat it! It's my birthday today. Hooray!

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  1. Happy birthday to you! I hope you have a lovely birthday and I love your cake, that's awesome.
    So happy that your dad is feeling a little better too, sending big hugs. xxx

  2. Hope you had a lovely birthday! Glad your dad is feeling better. I'm watching the crown too, We've only watched about 4 so far so still got a few episodes left.

    Corinne x

  3. Hope you had a lovely birthday. I'm the same with having a nosy at wrapped up gifts (I was a nightmare as a child). Glad your dad is on the mend. You must be so relieved.

  4. Happy Birthday! Love that you had a sneaky feel of the presents. Glad your dad is on the mend.

  5. Your hair looks stunning, such a good mix. I felt the same about Camilla, but didn't feel sorry for Diana at all, I always feel she played the victim to her advantage, but I have nothing to base that thought on. Thats a lovely card and so thoughtful of Becky's girlfriend, hope Dad is well on the road to recovery now. The advent calendar sounds fab, I haven't bought mine yet, may look into it. Love the choice of cake, hope you had a very happy birthday, did you get the slippers you wanted?

  6. What a relief for you all your dad is on the mend, better than any birthday present.
    I would have a feel as well. always curious what is in parcels.
    Great choice in cake. Happy belated birthday

  7. Happy birthday, Kim! The Harry Potter cake looks good! We love mince pies, and have eaten a couple of boxes already. Your colour is very pretty. I've binge-watched The Crown as well. Can't say I was that sorry for Diana, she appeared as quite immature and attention-seeking. What a lovely card from Becky's girlfriend. The advent calendar sounds good, we have a similar one for Eddie, only Star Wars-themed. And so-so glad to hear that your Dad is on the mend.

  8. That is an ace advent calendar, best not show Liv otherwise she will want one! ;) Aldi have loads of Friends things in right now! Awesome hair colour, purple is my favourite colour too! As for the Crown, it takes two to tango, Diana was so young, it can't have been easy being a spectator in your own relationship. I cannot imagine they are a family of fockers, hugs etc... all she wanted was to be loved! Fab cake too, you've just reminded me to start watching the films again! :) Hope you are having fab week and glad to hear your dad is sounding much better! Sim x

  9. I’m so glad your dad is on the mend – it must have been such a worrying time for you. Love your purple hair. I need to finish watching season 3 so I can start on season 4 of The Crown. How lovely of Becky’s girlfriend to drop round a card. Happy belated birthday – hope you had a good one and enjoyed your cake. #project366

  10. Happy belated birthday. Wonderful news about your dad getting better. Love the hair it has turned out really well. Thats lovely of Beckys girlfriend. I have still not started watching the Crown! I keep meaning to but want to finish the Originals first. I need to buy some mice pies! Not had one at all yet...

  11. Hope you had a lovely birthday!

    Glad your dad is on the mend. Such a worrying time.

    I need to start watching the crown, keep hearing how good it is!

    That advent calendar sounds great

  12. Your poor dad, I am so glad to hear he is on the mend. It sounds like such an awful illness that can really get a hold of you :( The dye mixing looks great, I love the colour. Everyone keeps raving on about The Crown, I feel like I am missing out. Might have to play catch up soon. I bought some mince pies this week. Can't get enough of them either.

  13. Good to know your father is feeling better, I hope he fully recovers soon. Oo I saw an episode of the first season of The Crown, it looked very interesting. Woah, that is a big card. So sweet of her. Don't you dare peak into your presents. Happy birthday, Kim, cool cake!

  14. LOVE the purple hair! My favourite colour too. I am hoping to binge watch The Crown over Christmas so I can relax and stay up late to cram n lots of episodes per night! #project366

  15. Oh wow, I was going to say that I love the colour of your hair, so it's even better if it's a unique, homemade colour - fabulous job ! I'm so glad to hear that your dad's feeling better - I can imagine the relief. I'm still working through The Crown and I still haven't decided what I think of Camilla ! The advent calendar looks fab - love the birthday cake too :)