Saturday 14 November 2020

Week 46 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

After the last few days I feel like I could sleep for a week! I've had a stressful few days. We are self isolating after my dad tested positive for Coronavirus earlier in the week and we had contact with him on the day he was first showing symptoms without realising it was the start of Coronavirus. We are all fine and are showing no symptoms. My dad is still not well but no worse. After speaking to a doctor he's been prescribed some antibiotics to clear the cough which is still hanging on. The doctor didn't like the sound of it over the phone and said it should have started to clear by now. I am of course worried but I know he's been looked after.

Now for a photo everyday!!

7th 8th October
9th November
10th 11th November
12th 13th November

305/366 - 7th November
Technically this photo was taken on Sunday but I am still classing it as Saturday night because I hadn't been to bed. I stayed up to watch the Kamala Harris & Joe Biden's speeches. Listening to them, it actually seems there is hope for the world.

306/366 - 8th November
Sunday was a good day. I was sorting my handbags out and found some money in one of them which I didn't know we had so I treated us to a Chinese takeaway!

307/366 - 9th November
Another foggy morning!

308/366 - 10th November
The only photo I took on Tuesday. Ellie. I think she was getting some biscuits out of the cupboard.

309/366 - 11th November
We needed a treat and I've had this in the freezer for a couple of weeks. It was so good and if I remember only cost a couple of pounds from Iceland.

310/366 - 12th November
When Ellie got out of bed she arranged all of her teddies on her bed. Anything to get out of home schooling. lol

311/366 - 13th November
After an hour and 50 minutes of being the queue on the Tesco website I got a Christmas delivery slot. I would have liked one on the 23rd but the 22nd will do! I think Tesco really messed up releasing all the Christmas slots in one go and at 7am in the morning. I was speaking to people who had to leave to go to work or on the school run without getting a slot. I hope they go back to midnight next year.

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  1. Hope your dad is feeling a bit better now. It's always a result when you find money in an old bag or purse. Ah the Tesco thing was painful wasn't it. I did the school run and just as I got back into the house at 8.45 got in, then as the Tesco delivery driver turned up 5 minutes later finally got through to checkout. I don't remember them being released a day at a time though in the past. I thought it was always the last week released. Definitely the midnight release was better. Fewer people online there, although I suppose with all the extra people now getting online shops, it was always going to be mad. I only got the 21st, so will have to keep an eye out for any later slots becoming available

  2. DD1 has an Asda slot for Christmas. I will add my stuff on to it. The thing that worries me with it is if they dont have what you want it might be to late to get it from somewhere else.
    I am hoping for good things for the USA.

  3. Oh no, I hope neither of you have covid and your dad gets better. I'm not sure about Joe Biden but I'm really glad Kamala Harris is Vice President, she's such an awesome person and speaker and as compared to previous administration, has brains! Cool lucky draw. That's a lot of teddies.

  4. Sending good thoughts for your Dad and you. Hope your family stays well. #MMBC

  5. Hope your Dad is feeling better, and sorry that you have to be in self-isolation. I'm glad Trump lost, but Biden is not perfect either. How nice to find money in a bag. That ice cream looks good, and with a brownie it makes a fab dessert. I have given up on getting a slot from Tesco, since the lockdown began (1st) I only ever managed to get two Tesco deliveries. I have secured a slot with Ocado for the 22nd, which will have to do, but they charge £10 for delivery on top of the monthly pass, and that's a bit pants. Pure capitalist greed on their behalf.

  6. Fab find in your other bag, glad you blew the money on a Chinese always nice to treat the family especially as you're isolating. Hope your dad makes a full recovery and soon, sounds like the Dr's are keeping a close eye on him.I didn't realise the supermarkets released Christmas slots, I'd just booked mums as normal with Asda the other week up till Dec 20th

  7. Oh no must be such a worry with your dad getting Covid. Hope he is full recovered now. Nice to find some cash and get a takeaway!

    Biden isn't fantastic either but at least Trump is out.

  8. Oh Kim! I hope you're Dad is ok and that you guys haven't tested positive. I'm really impressed with Harris, and Biden has to be a zillion times better than the muppet in power at the minute #366

  9. I love finding money like that its always a lovely windfall! It doesn't happen very often here though, what a nice treat to get a takeaway with it. I need to look out for that brownie dessert it looks good in the packet. I will have to head to Iceland! x

  10. Sorry to hear about your dad, I hope he's doing okay and on the road to recovery now with the antibiotics. Yum that desert does look good. Yay well done on the shopping slot. I was going to try and get one when they opened up to the general population on Friday but decided they would have probably all gone. I agree midnight is much better x

  11. I hope that your dad is on the mend now and you have all managed to avoid getting coronavirus. Love a Chinese takeaway, always a nice treat and always nice to find money unexpectedly when sorting out bags! That’s a lot of teddies on Ellie’s bed. Is there room for her in there too?! Glad you managed to get a Christmas delivery slot. #project366

  12. Glad you managed to get a Tesco Christmas delivery slot, I will shop instore but then I work there so it's easier for me. Hope your dad is feeling better soon and that you all remain COVID free

  13. Finding surprise money in a pocket or bag is always fab! Hope you are all stil symptom free and your dad is ok #project366

  14. Finally catching up on comments ! Glad to hear you didn't get the dreaded virus - I hope your dad is feeling better now too. Lovely to look back on the election win - funny to see that Trump still isn't accepting it though. I didn't realise it had been that long ! Oooh how great to find money you didn't know about - I may go and have a look in my bag just in case ! The brownie looks very tasty - hmmm ! And yay, well done for getting a delivery slot ! One less thing to worry about :)