Thursday 19 November 2020

Top 10 greatest causes of morning stress!

Breakfast is the most stressful time of the day because of tantrums, queues for the bathroom and running out of milk for cereal a latest study shows!

A study of 1,000 parents and their children uncovered a never ending list of early morning responsibilities with more than two thirds feeling there are never enough minutes in the morning. Getting yourself and the kids out of bed on time, getting little ones to brush their teeth and making sure everyone eats well were found to be the top culprits behind morning stress!

As much as I have found ways to speed up the morning routine there is still stresses especially at this time of year when it's cold and seems so dark on a morning. My girls just don't have the motivation and I only have the motivation because I know I don't have to go out into the cold and don't have to do the school run anymore. lol

Top 10 greatest causes of morning stress:

1. Kids not getting out of bed,
Becky takes some nagging to get out of bed on a morning. She is only at college 1 day a week so she see's no reason to get up and rush about. I usually get her up when Ellie has gone to school at about half past eight. Ellie on the other hand is not so good at getting up now. In the summer she's great but if it's still dark and chilly she is very reluctant to move from under her duvet. I have to shout upstairs at least 3 times to get Ellie out of bed at the moment. I can't blame her, I'd rather stay in my warm bed most days. lol

2. Kids getting dressed
Becky is great at getting dressed, she will try to stay in her pj's all day and I do have to nag a little. Ellie is OK at getting dressed as long as her clothes are out ready for her. She get's them ready herself before she goes to bed which is a help but if they're not there in front of her she will faff around and walk around aimlessly unless they are handed to her.

3. Getting the kids to leave the house on time
Becky has to leave the house on time on a college day, if she doesn't she will miss her bus. Ellie is not so great at leaving on time, it feels like am constantly nagging to get her out the door on time. She's never late for school which amazes me but I do worry that she will be.

4. Kids brushing their teeth.
Yes! I have to nag both the kids to brush their teeth on a morning. On an evening they are brilliant but not on a morning.

5. Kids eating breakfast.
Both the girls often walk out of the door with their breakfast in their hands. Becky used to have it sussed, she would take a porridge pot or a cereal bar along with a cup of tea in a reusable cup to eat and drink on the bus but now she has to wear a mask on the bus, that isn't possible. She is now having to eat and drink on the way to the bus stop. Ellie always fights eating breakfast despite her being the one who usually eats the most. She usually has toast. I would rather they both eat a proper breakfast sitting at the table but at least if they have it on the go there is something in their stomach.

6. Finding misplaced items such as school uniforms, school bags or shoes.
My girls are pretty organised when it comes to keeping track of their belongings. I make sure they have got everything ready the night before.

7. Kids putting shoes on.
Ellie really winds me up when it comes to putting her shoes on. She faffs around so much and it can easily take her 10 minutes to put her socks and shoes on. She always finds something really important that she needs to talk about just as she needs to put her shoes on.

8. Getting yourself ready for the day.
I only get myself ready for the day once the kids have gone to school. I think it's easier that way. I know if I was to go and get washed, dressed and feed myself I wouldn't be there to encourage/nag the kids to get ready.

9. Kids having a tantrum.
I think we are past the stage of tantrums now. Hooray! The kids do have their moments when they haven't charged their phones or want extra money.

10. Setting alarm to snooze.
I am so guilty of setting the alarm to snooze. I wish I could stop myself doing it but I can't. I have started going to bed earlier on a school night but so far I am not quite ready to stop hitting snooze.

What are your biggest stresses on a morning?


  1. My youngest (almost 13) is as good as gold in the morning, and doesn't give me any stresses. The teen, however, oh so many swear words could be used! lol x

  2. omg getting kids to leave in the morning is a stress, especially when they fanny about over silly things grrr X