Saturday 7 November 2020

Week 45 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

The last few weeks have been pretty boring but this past week has been so different. We had Halloween, went into a tier 2 lockdown here, Stu and I went into town Christmas shopping and then we went into a National Lockdown. I've been following all the news about the US elections and it all seems a little crazy! (I am writing this yesterday afternoon when Biden was so close to winning.)

Now for a photo every day!

31st October
1st 2nd November
3rd 4th November
5th 6th November

298/366 - 31st October
Halloween and it was a different one from I've ever know. No one came knocking at the door and my girls didn't go out trick or treating. Instead we had a party tea. Lots of picky beige food. It was delicious. 

299/366 - 1st November
I was on with taking some photos for some upcoming blog posts. First up was a Scaramanga leather bag. (Gifted). The packaging was gorgeous. 

300/366 - 2nd November
On Monday Stu and I went out to do some Christmas shopping. We wanted to get the stuff we would usually get in December just in case the lockdown drags on. We stopped off at Costa. I'd been looking forward to a Irish Velvet Hot Chocolate and Cream but when I got past the cream it turned out it was coffee. By the time I could get back to the counter to complain I'd ran out of time and had to leave to get the bus home. Grr! I was not happy! 

301/366 - 3rd November
I finally got around to start watching the 3rd series of Stranger Things. I'm about 4 or 5 episodes in and it's OK but not as good as the previous series.

302/366 - 4th November
Ellie ready to go to school. Last year she refused to wear coats or jackets even on the coldest of days now she has seen sense and likes to wrap up warm. I think it's because it is so cold in school now with all the doors and windows open to keep the virus away.

303/366 - 5th November
We didn't have to leave the garden to see an amazing firework display that someone over the field had put on. I dread to think about the money they spent on fireworks. Eek! 

304/366 - 6th November
I have been following the news about the US elections for most of the week and I've decided that CNN is the best channel to watch. They're hilarious, have a reporter called Wolf, fancy touchscreen technology showing the maps and they seem just a little anti-Trump. lol 

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  1. Ohhhhhhh keep going!!!!! Series 3 is ace, especially the last couple of episodes! Huge Hopper fan! :)
    Scaramanga? I cannot help but chuckle everytime I hear that name... awesome Bond villain!
    Good to hear Ellie has seen sense to wrap up warm, I am all for keeping as warm as possible... if it was acceptable to walk around with my duvet, I totally would! Halloween was weird, less Refresher bars for me to snack on this year too which is a tad disappointing! ;) Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! Sim x

  2. Lol, I'm amazed at how one sided some of the US channels are. You'd not get that here!
    Bummer about the coffee/hot choocolate. That would have really annoyed me too - I don't drink coffee.

  3. The bag looks good - I like the packaging too. Well done to Ellie for wrapping up warm - hopefully it's cool to do that now.

  4. Oooh I love your party tea - I laughed at the "beige food" comment too. True but I bet it tasted lovely ! The elections were a nightmare - I gave up watching in the end. I'd excitedly log on every time I got home from work to find out who had won and it was still undecided ! The kids love Stranger Things but I've never watched it. Maybe I should give it a go. Great to see the firework - they really are expensive so it's good you got to take advantage of them for free ! lol

  5. Didn't the elections drag on? That's a shame about the coffee, although I am a coffee drinker and don't like anything else added to it. Glad you managed to get your shopping sorted for Christmas and I guess it makes sense now to wear the coat all day rather than just having to carry it around all day

  6. Totally agree series 3 was not as good as the first 2.
    Nothing wrong with beige food.
    Glad she is seeing sense and wearing a jacket.

  7. That party tea looks amazing. That’s annoying that your hot chocolate turned out to be coffee. Not good. We watched fireworks from our garden too. I have to admit I avoided watching the election coverage but I’ve heard a few people say good things about the CNN coverage. #project366

  8. Oh no to the hot chocolate being coffee - yuck! #366

  9. The party tea sounds good! Might have to do that with the girls! I would be so annoyed if my hot chocolate turned into a coffee seeing as I don't like coffee!

  10. My kids love beige food a party tea is always a good idea. I don't like coffee so I wouldn't be impressed either! The election was driving me nuts with the amount of time it was taking. I am glad it is now resolved now and hope it brings the change we all hope

  11. That's a lot of fried deliciousness. Cool bag. That is a stupid error to give coffee instead of hot chocolate, although it does look tempting. It's gotten cold here suddenly as well and the rain brought a strong wave of winter. OoOoO fireworks. I agree, CNN is a good channel to watch the elections. We used the same channel as well

  12. Trump still won't concede! Can't believe how long he is drawing this out! It was strange with no trick or treating this year and lockdown 2 doesn't seem to have changed much... #project366

  13. The party tea looks impressive, we love a buffet here. How annoying about your hot chocolate, Irish Velvet Hot Chocolate and Cream sounded so good too! What a shame. Glad Ellie is deciding to wrap up warm this year. I don't like feeling cold, all about the layers! Then even throw a onesie over everything.