Tuesday 24 November 2020

I was dreading my birthday but it really was the best day!

It was my birthday over the weekend and to be honest I was dreading it. My dad had been really poorly for the previous couple of weeks after testing positive for Coronavirus. I felt guilty for even thinking about my birthday. I was going through the motions but my heart wasn't really there, thinking about my birthday. I had ordered my cake with the food shopping and did get excited about the kids wrapping my presents but I was still worried about my dad being ill. 

Harry Potter birthday cake

On Friday morning my dad had been ill for 16 days with no real improvement from when he was at his worst on day 2 of the illness. He had tested positive for Covid, then had a chest infection and a water infection on top. When I spoke to him on the phone over the past 16 days he struggled to speak without wheezing, coughing and stumbling over his words. He was in a bad way but I never let him know how worried I was. His partner and myself kept it between ourselves.

Anyway on Friday night my phone rang and I knew it was my dad as I had different ringtones set for everyone who matters. I heard his voice and panicked but he said he was OK and was just ringing for a chat!!!

It was the best chat I've ever had. We talked about nothing in particular. Gogglebox, Piers Morgan, Christmas shopping, Football, Tesco and lots of other non-important stuff! Just hearing him speak normally was amazing, he had been struggling to. His chest had been bad and taking wore him out. I cried and said that I was so pleased hearing him because even though he never went into hospital I was really worried about him. He called me a soppy sod which is totally him, he doesn't go in for all the emotional, soppy talk but I think he finally realised how worried we have been about him. 

As soon as I got off the phone I couldn't stop smiling, my dad heading in the right direction to recovering from Coronavirus is the best birthday present I could have had! It set the mood for the whole weekend! Happy, happy, happy! 

I woke on Saturday and opened my pressies from Stu and the girls. They know me so well. New slippers, pj's, socks, candles, an advent calendar, Baileys, chocolate and other bits and bobs!

My birthday pressies

There was fancy coffee and pastries for breakfast, lots of family time which I loved and we skipped the usual Saturday housework which was a treat for us all.

Ellie's best friend knocked at the door mid afternoon with a present from her and her mum which I thought was so thoughtful. It was nice to see Ellie's friend even if it was at a distance. It has been strange her not popping in after school. She's a good lass and I am pleased Ellie has such a lovely friend.

I went for a my soak in the tub and it was amazing! I even had a candle lit. I got to use my new bath set, bath bombs, have a face mask on and lay there in peace. 

Birthday bathtime 2

My dad did ring while I was in the bath, it's a good job I was playing a game on my phone while soaking in the tub so I had my phone. He rang to get the takeaway number and find out the price of food as he had lost his menu. He was fancying some Doner kebab meat. I said he wouldn't be able to get it because there is no option to pay online and he would have to pay in cash which wouldn't be allowed because he had the virus but he said not to worry, he would sort it. He did, the cheeky so and so. He knows the takeaway owner and spoke to him, not just the person answering the phone and said he would drop the money off for the food he ordered when he was better if the food was left on top of his post box. Eesh! We were getting the engaged tone for a good 10 minutes after I finished speaking on the phone to my dad. I just knew it was him hogging the takeaway phone line and chatting. lol Now I know he's really on the mend. Chatting to other people, getting good deals and ordering food.

We had our takeaway and it was so good. I didn't know what I wanted burger or pizza so ordered both. There was leftovers for Sunday so it wasn't a waste. I may have had more than my usual few glasses of wine but so what, it was my birthday and it was one of the best. 

My dad on the mend, I had lots of family time, lovely presents and I went to bed a little tipsy. hehehe


  1. I’m so glad you had a great day & that your Sad is on the mend xx

  2. So happy to hear that your dad is on the mend and that you had a fab birthday. x

  3. Wow! This looks like an awesome collection. Coffee, pastries, chocolates... what more can you ask for?