Wednesday 25 November 2020

Our Advent Calendars. 2020.

 When I was a little kid my advent calendar had nothing but pretty pictures in. A few years later I started to get one's with chocolates in and I was overjoyed with that. Now there are so many different advent calendars to choose from, not just one's with chocolates.

Advent calendar

In past years they girls have had advent calendars with bath bombs, beauty products, pens and even Pringles in but this year I said they were just getting one each with chocolate in which they were fine with.

When I was in town a few weeks ago I saw some advent calendars in Poundland and as I am doing as much as I can to prepare for Christmas early I felt like I had to get them.

Chocolate advent calendars

They both cost £5 and Becky's is the Reese's one and Ellie's the Celebrations one. They are very pleased with them. They're their favourite chocolates.

Last year I got a candle advent calendar from Home Bargains and loved it. I saw another one this year and thought I would treat myself. The Air Wick Winter Fairy Advent Calendar has 24 Tea Light Candles with 3 seasonal edition fragrances. Mulled Wine, Winter Wonderland and Winter Berries and cost just £4.99.

So now my girls and I had one I had to get Stu one. We couldn't leave him out and I got him the Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Chunks Advent Calendar for around £4.

Air wick advent calendar and a Cadbury chocolate one

After a really rubbish week self isolating after my dad tested positive for Coronavirus I decided that we needed to treat ourselves and the girls had already mentioned what other advent calendars they wanted.

I bought Ellie the Smiggle advent calendar last year and she loved it so it was a given she would ask for it again. The Smiggle Advent Calendar 2020 has 25 days of limited edition Smiggle stationery surprises including - pens, paint sets, keyrings, pencils stickers and lots of other bits. 

The Smiggle Advent Calendar 2020

It was £28 and I manged to get it for £16 when it was offer but it went back up to £25 as of writing this last week but with only a few days before December starting the price will probably drop again and they're quick with their delivery.

For Becky the Friends 24 Doors Memorabilia Advent Calendar from Debenhams caught my eye. She is crazy about anything to do with the tv show Friends so it was perfect.

Friends advent calendar

This unique calendar contains 7 gadget decals, 2 coffee-scented erasers, a trivia quiz, some paper tape, 2 small notebooks, a pen, 3 pencils, 2 self-inking stamps, a to-do list, sticky notes, and 2 magnets. There is also a bonus "Do not disturb - I'm watching Friends" door hanger. 

It was £25 but I bought it on offer for £15 which I thought was quite reasonable and it is much bigger than it looks in the photo above.

I think we're all going to be happy with our advent calendars this year!

Have you got an advent calendar? Which one?


  1. eeek I haven't bought any Advent Calendars this year! We generally go for the chocolate ones. I've been gifted the Smiggle one in the past and I bought my daughter the Body Shop one last year.

  2. I remember the advent calendars with the pictures behind the doors. I loved them!
    When we first got a chocolate calendar, we had to share 1 between 4 of us!

  3. Ha ha, we had to share our first chocolate one between the 3 of us too! I have some picture ones I brig out every year, my daughter and I have Lindor ones and my son a Cadbury one. i asked my husband but he said he didn't want one.
    I also bought my friend a jigsaw one where you do a few bits of the jigsaw every day tho not sure I'll be able to give her it now that we are Tier 3 (Boo!)
    Been looking for any comps to win Advent calendars with other things - cheese, jam etc - but no luck yet!