Tuesday 19 May 2020

Teenagers pushing their luck during the lock down!

Grr! Teenagers! Just as the lock down started my teen and her girlfriend were in big trouble. They tried to bend the rules and both ended up getting told off by me and the girlfriends mum too. Oops. 

I will be calling the Becky's girlfriend "A" from now on.

We were sat here one afternoon and saw a car pull up outside of our house and it was "A" and her mum. We weren't expecting her and Becky looked confused too, or at least pretended to be.

Apparently Becky and "A" had planned on going for a walk together for a couple of hours then "A's" mum would pick her back up. "A" had convinced her mum that I was OK with it and Becky hadn't thought that far ahead. She thought once "A" was here I would be fine. They thought that if they kept their distance they could spend time together.

Personally I think "A's" mum is too soft on her and shouldn't have even considered coming here. "A" lives at the other side of town, about 45 minutes away so it's not a case of just popping over. As soon as I got talking to "A's" mum it became clear we had both been played and we agreed it was not on. Yes, we understand they are missing each other but we all have to play by the rules. 

Both of the girls were acting like toddlers. Basically having a tantrum because us parents wouldn't let them do what they wanted. Shouting it was not fair and thinking we were just being mean. I know the neighbours were at their windows listening to drama the two girls were causing. Two lads who lived over the road came out and were playing football over the road. I've never seen them before and haven't seen them since, the nosy so and so's. lol

It also came out that "A's" mum and I are having the same arguments with our offspring. They are that eager to talk to each other online and video chats they are neglecting their chores and college work. "A's" mum is a key worker and is working long shifts so tries to ring "A" when she's on her way home from work to put tea on but can't get through because she's on the phone to Becky.

We agreed that both the girls need to do their chores, college work and have family time on a morning and then after lunch they can chat as much as they want on the phone or online until 5pm where they'll take a break until about 8pm then they can chat until 10pm.

I have been trying to tell Becky that it needs to be like this but she thought I was just being mean until she heard the same from "A's" mum. I think it became clear to them that if two parents who had never met each other or spoke to each other before this conversation were saying the same things there must be some right in it.

The girls now have set times to speak to each other and it's going well. Like me & "A's" mum said if they are still together when all of this is over they have basically done the whole long distance relationship thing. Not being able to see each other when they want and only being able to chat on the phone or online. Being in lock down is a lot like having a long distance relationship.

Now the rules have changed and you can meet one person from a different household the question of Becky and "A" meeting did come up in conversation and so far both myself and "A's" mum are saying no, they are not meeting up yet. We have said to wait a few weeks to see if there is another wave and spike in deaths and the girls have been surprisingly OK with it.

I am just hoping that we are out of lock down in a few months because both of the girls are turning 18 and they have big plans! Eek!


  1. I do feel for you and the girls! I think that I'm very lucky with the ages of my children during this lockdown (nearly 9 and 11). I would find being at home with a baby or toddler very difficult, and although I don't have teenagers yet it must be so hard for them being away from their friends and I can see it leading to lots of arguments. I hope that the next few weeks go well for you all and it isn't long before they can meet up again!

  2. It must be so difficult for everyone. The girls obviously want to be able to spend time together and you Mum's want to do the right thing which is protect them and the rest of the family. I'm sure it won't be long before they can be together again. Taking my memory back to when I was 17 I was living with my boyfriend but saw my Mum every day...I don't know how I would have coped. I probably would have moved back home.

  3. I have all this to come I expect. My teens are not in relationships yet but I guess it is inevitable that that day will come. We do our best as mums and we care so much and they won't get that until they have children of their own. It is so hard to let go. I really think we will be out of lockdown entirely by August/September and then we can all get on with taking the lessons from this period forward in a positive way #MMBC

  4. It is so tough for them to be without their friends. I quite understand why they set this up, but that doesn't make it right. Hopefully it won't be long till they can get together. #mmbc

  5. I think you have done the correct thing and I'm glad the girls have taken it all in their stride. I think the lockdown is a great test for them and their relationship. I wish I had it with my first boyfriend I might have had the time to see that he wasn't a good choice lol