Friday 29 May 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Treats! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This past week has probably been the most uneventful week we've had since lock down began, I wouldn't say boring but nothing much has gone on. Ellie hasn't been doing school work with it being half term. She's been playing far too much Roblox and just playing. Becky has actually been doing some of her college coursework. She's ahead of where she needs to be and now she has just over 4 weeks of the term left.

I actually thought I had nothing to write about until I was sorting out my photos for my Project 365 post, a photo for everyday and it reminded me of the treats we have had this past week.

Last Friday we had a takeaway, the first one in such a long time. It was amazing. We got pizza and a tray of kebab meat to share. I forgot how delicious our takeaway's coleslaw is. It's home made and tastes nothing like I've been able to recreate. Of course we over ordered but it just meant there was enough for lunch on Saturday. Hooray!

The weather has been lovely. Too hot for me to spend much time outside but it has made me realise all the summer clothes I have are old, tatty and look very worn. I rarely buy myself new clothes so it felt like such a treat. I had a little shopping spree on ebay and got myself a few bargains. Everything should be arriving today. I got a few tops, some sandals (new one's for £6), some sunglasses to replace the one's which one of the kids broke, I never did find out who and some denim shorts. I told Becky I'd bought denim shorts and in her head she thought short, short one's. No I bought knee length one's. lol

Next door was eating chips outside midweek and we could smell them and it got us fancying chips too. We asked where she got them from and it turns out the chip shop near us is open on a lunchtime but you have to order online and then pick it up. We made an order with a few minutes to spare before they closed it for the afternoon. Stu got fish & chips, the kids sausage and chips and me a spam fritter and chips. It was so good. We don't usually eat that much at lunchtime so we were stuffed for the rest of the day which meant cereal for tea which the kids loved.

I had the treat yesterday of sorting my laptop out after Ellie had been on it. I let her go on my laptop to search for Roblox things. Just to save her switching her computer on. What she was actually searching for was Roblox cheats. They didn't work, obviously and I ended up with a ton of nasties on my laptop. Her thought was that she would test them on mine before putting them on her computer. I was fuming. It took me numerous scans and 2 hours to make sure everything was gone. I made her sit here with me watching all the scans to show her that this is why you don't download things when you don't really know what they are. Grr! Kids! I'll be glad next week when she's back to doing school work next week. lol


  1. All lovely treats apart from the last one. My kids know not to even look for Roblox cheats, I've threatened them beforehand! We had our first take away last week in 2 months. Such a treat! xx #wotw

  2. We had a take away this week, for the first time in Lockdown. I like the online booking system. Good for you ordering some new clothes for yourself. I had a similar moment when I realised that my summer clothes were either for work or had expired. I'm making a dress. Glad you were able to sort your laptop out. I'm guessing Ellie's not going to be using it again for a while. #wotw

  3. Ooooh fish and chips AND kebab ... sounds like a dream ! I did have a giggle at the Roblox cheats searches. I let Pierre have a quick go on my computer when I was busy the other day and he somehow changed all the settings so I have an annoying homepage that opens up now instead of my usual one - I haven't had a chance to sort it out yet and it's doing my head in ! lol

  4. We've been terrible and treating ourselves to takeaways most weekends! Not feeling too guilty though as all other spending has come down drastically, thank goodness. Let me know how the shopping spree went and if you're happy with what you found! I desperately need a few bits which are either really floaty or proper maternity. I can't really get away with sweat pants anymore as the weather is just getting hotter every day! #wotw

  5. Ooh so lovely to enjoy a couple of takeaways. I miss fish 'n' chips from the chippy. We have treated ourselves to the odd Chinese takeaway here and there though. What a nightmare having to sort out your laptop though after Ellie downloaded stuff on to it. Good idea to make her sit with you though while you sorted it out so that she learns why she shouldn't do it again. Hope it is all sorted out now. #WotW

  6. Oh no! Hopefully your daughter won't do that again. I had to declare my laptop hands off for my daughter for similar reasons.