Friday 1 May 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Changes! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This past week has been a bit of a different one. It seems there has been quite a few changes.

Since I last wrote my word of the week post I have had another change of hair colour. I put a colour stripper on which turned it green then I popped a pink dye on which looks brilliant. I will be keeping this colour as long as it lasts. You can see it in my blog post from yesterday

What a change with the weather. It has been grey and cloudy here most of the week. Most days it's looked like rain but not actually rained until tea time. My garden really is appreciating it though. It has been a lot colder which is just typical since last week I ordered a few new tops and dresses off ebay to keep cool. At the moment they're the last thing I want to wear. I'm back to my winter woolies. 

I think the change in weather has affected all of our moods. I have felt less motivated to do things and so have the kids. It has been a nightmare to get Ellie to do her school work. I did the whole threatening to ring the school and it worked. She did get on with her work but not what she was supposed to be doing that day. She swapped a couple of days around and learned that she can't just copy off Wikipedia. lol The school are arranging video lessons on Zoom next week which should be interesting. I think having to be up, dressed and having her hair brushed at least by 9am will give her the motivation she needs.

After getting the shopping delivered it has been lovely to cook and eat well. The Sunday dinner was amazing since we hadn't had one in so long. Our meal plan hasn't gone exactly to plan this week and we changed things around. We didn't fancy a salad when it was a chilly day so it was nice to have a stocked freezer and cupboard so we had a choice of yummy food. 

We finally had a phone call to say Ellie was in the care of our local hospital for her hearing. It was the last piece in the jigsaw of things that needed to change over from when we moved house last year. We have been waiting for an appointment since September and obviously can't have one now with coronavirus but a phone call was enough for the time being. She's on the books of the local hospital and that's all we need for the moment. We're officially settled here now and it's only taken 10 or so months. lol I have a couple of posts next week about Ellie's deafness and getting her registered here next week with it being National Deaf Week.2

I hope you are all keeping well?


  1. I think the change in the weather was a biggie, we have had lots of rain, the kids haven't been out at all for a couple of days. I will hate it if my kid's school starts doing lessons on zoom. I don't even have it.

  2. The weather has certainly been a big change this week - I'm missing the sunshine too and the gloomy weather does make it harder to feel motivated, doesn't it? So nice to have a fully stocked freezer and cupboards to be able to eat well. Glad that Ellie is now in the system for the local hospital for her hearing. Hope you are all keeping well x #WotW

  3. That pink hair is beautiful! I love it!!! I wish I had the courage to give pink a try. It has been cool and rainy here too. You are right - it does affect everyone's mood. Here's hoping for warm spring sunshine very soon.

  4. Love your pink hair!! I don't know what's worse, cold/rainy or warm/sunny weather right now. At least with cold and rainy I don't mind not being able to leave home. We are currently warm and sunny and I am not the only one who just wants to go out and play.

  5. We lost our motivation this week too. Probably reached a point in doing school work at home, but the weather has not helped. Our school sent a long letter about why they won't be doing an online lessons like Zoom, which I think is a missed opportunity. Hope they go well for Ellie. Glad the hospital has finally caught up with Ellie. #wotw

  6. Oh it's definitely been a much more dreary week hasn't it? If the last couple of years are anything to go by though, we should have a really nice May! Keeping my fingers crossed because I'd like to switch to summer clothes too.
    I hope Ellie manages to settle into her school work a bit more. Then zoom calls should definitely help!

  7. Our weather has been weird this week— really bright and sunny spells, but then these really, really cold winds! Still, the garden is looking good — maybe not quite as colourful as your hair though, hehe! #WotW

  8. I must say last week when the weather cooled, so did my mood and my meal planning went out the window and I ate mainly junk food and ended up with a migraine from that and from just lounging around all day