Friday 8 May 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Schoolwork! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

It feels like our whole week has been based around the kids school and college work, mostly because nothing else has been going on here.

Monday was a hellish day. The kids had no motivation but work needed doing, especially for Becky who is working to a schedule with her college work. Her course is about 90% coursework so it is easy for her to do at home. In the past weeks she has said she actually gets more done at home without the distraction of her friends but Monday was not one of those days. She faffed and procrastinated.

Ellie was no better on Monday. She didn't want to do anything and what she was doing she was taking her time over. She was skipping maths questions that she couldn't be bothered to work out and making silly mistakes.

I walked away from them both, rolled my eyes plenty and had to use my teacher voice! I don't make the kids do school work all day. They do about 3 or 4 hours and then they are done. It's a case of if they just got on with it they would have more time to themselves to do what they want on the afternoon. 

On Tuesday the girls got on with their work mostly. It took them a while to get going but once they were working there was no stopping them. Becky got an email from one of her tutors saying some of her work had been marked and in the latest unit she did she got an A!

I got an email from Ellie's school too reminding us that we needed to fill in the learning journal that was emailed to us last week. Oops. I must have missed that email because it was the first we had heard about a learning journal. We have been filling it in for this week though.

We had a phone call from Ellie's form tutor mid-week just checking that she was managing OK with her school work. It was lovely to speak to someone different. lol She suggested some different websites to use with different subjects to keep Ellie engaged so she's been doing history, geography, RE and even some French instead of just sticking to maths, English and science. The teacher said it sounds like we've been doing plenty of work and not to worry too much about it because it's a stressful time for us all.

The kids have been getting on with their work for the rest of the week. I think Becky getting the "A" and Ellie having a change in work has given them both a bit of a boost. 

Having the kids home and getting them to do their work has really made me appreciate teachers more and all the work they do. Planning the lessons, keeping the kids engaged and marking it. They all deserve a pay rise!!


  1. It's so hard keeping them engaged isn't it. I know plenty of parents who are not doing anything at all! I am leaving my girls to their own devices, but we are sticking to a routine and school work time is exactly that...what they achieve in that time is up to them. The Little Man needs me to help him work and I admit there has been a day here and there that I've just not felt up to it. We have managed to catch up mostly though. The schools have been great. Not long now until the Summer holidays :) x

  2. I'm glad that things picked up during the week and that the 'A' for Becky and the change in work for Ellie helped give them both a bit of a boost. I'm quite enjoying home-schooling Sophie but we're lucky that school hasn't put on any pressure, she enjoys learning and it's Year 1 stuff. I'm not sure how I'd find it if I had to help encourage secondary school and college work! Well done to you all for keeping going x #WotW

  3. I'm a teacher and I can easily control a class of thirty kids and make them all work, but there's something about homeschooling your own kids that makes it harder. Some days, I end up having a big argument with Pierre to get him to sit down and do his work ! I suppose it's because he knows that I can't use any of my teacher-punishments like detentions on him ! lol

  4. We all have procrastination days at times don't we? I was terrible for it when I was at school! I'm so glad they've been able to find their rhythm. Like you say, the sooner the work is done the sooner you can do things you enjoy, but when you're faced with school work you just want to run away, haha! Hope you all enjoy a nice relaxed weekend :) #wotw

  5. It is difficult isn't it! Madam to be fair, has been doing really well. Sir needs more persuasion he sees school as school and home as home. But he has done it. Karen - Early Rising Mum

  6. We have days of little motivation too. I'm glad Becky did so well and that has given her the encouragement she needs. Ellie's teacher is quite right. I'm not sure what they will find when the children finally get back to school. I'm sure levels are really going to vary. Oh well. Next week we start again! #wotw