Saturday 9 May 2020

Week 19 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

This past week has been the most boring and frustrating of the whole of lock down! Monday started with arguments over school and college work and yesterday felt a bit meh! If lock down wasn't happening we would have been going to visit my great Aunt who we haven't seen since just before Christmas. On the whole it wasn't a bad week we've just done everything and it's all becoming a bit samey now. Even Stu who is never usually bored is getting bored as he's ran out of jobs to do around the house.

Now for a photo every day.

123/366 - 2nd May
Ellie playing Roblox. There was a lot of excitement about a hoverboard which she won or found, I'm not sure. She talks a lot about the game and I only understand about a quarter of it. lol

124/366 - 3rd May
Becky playing Fortnite and her excitement was buying a battle pass and getting to be a banana. lol I think I understand more about Fortnite than Roblox, just don't ask me to play it. I can hardly run in straight line. 

125/366 - 4th May
Some of Ellie's school work. A bit of science about Cells. She said she couldn't do it as they hadn't done it at school which I knew to be a massive lie. I remember her having homework about it. She got through it eventually with a lot of nagging.

126/366 - 5th May
Home made pizza for tea. We had enough for lunch the next day too.

127/366 - 6th May
I noticed that Ancestry is free to use until Sunday. I was tracing my family tree with Ellie, she was fascinated. 

128/366 - 7th May
Stu was running out of jobs so I suggested cleaning the windows. He did all of the downstairs. 

129/366 - 8th May
We got a few baking mixes which kept Ellie busy yesterday afternoon. She cooked up some tasty treats.

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  1. Oooh I was having a week of feeling bored too but if Ancestry's free this weekend, I'm going for a look ! :)

  2. So cool that you are doing Ancestry with your daughter. Have a great weekend!

  3. I think N would be bored if he couldn't go out on the farm. That's great Ellie likes to bake. N gets bored half way through when he does any baking or cooking.

  4. Sorry to hear it's been a boring week. It's definitely getting same old-same old now! Tracing your family tree on Ancestry sounds like a great thing to do. I wonder if we can find a bit of time for it today? My uncle has done quite a bit, but I've never tried.

  5. Well it must be good to have got all those jobs out of the way even if he has run out now. Ancestry is a good way of keeping occupied - I can't really do family tree stuff because my brother has done it for years and has already found most of it out.

  6. The weeks all merge into one blob, I have no clue what day it is, unless it's a school day for Sash. Well done to Stu for doing all the jobs in the house. I wonder if I asked my DH to clean the windows, he'd most likely have conniptions. Eddie used to play Roblox, but not recently, it's all Yu Gi Oh and Splatoon now for him.

  7. You trump me... I know nothing about Fortnite or Roblox! Tracing your family tree is such a wonderful idea to keep everyone occupied during lockdown! Hope the next week is easier, we've been looking into cells too, just trying to mix up the subjects so it doesn't get boring... because this homeschooling lark is hard! Sim - Sim's Life #Project365

  8. I'm like Stu, I've run out of things to do, well I've run out of paint again. The pizza looks great and I'm even worse than you I have NO idea what either of those two games are about

  9. I think some weeks are harder than others and particularly now that the initial novelty of lockdown has well and truly worn off. I know nothing about Roblox or Fortnite but no doubt Sophie will discover them at some point. That home-made pizza looks delicious. Glad Ellie is enjoying doing some baking. Researching family trees is fascinating - I did a lot on mine a few years back and one day when I have more time I'd love to get back into doing it again. #project366

  10. think a lot of us have hit same old same old but worse when you have kids that just pick and bicker cos they can.
    Guess there are only so many jobs you can do till it all done. Hubby keeps saying he is going to get ruthless with the loft......can still see my kids clearing it when we have both gone.
    I understand nothing about modern games, I struggled with the SNES when my kids had it.

  11. I can't say I've been bored as we are working, but I get it. I researched my family tree when I was ill a few years back, it's fascinating x

  12. Hang in there. I play PS4 occasionally but don't know much about these games; only know a bit about Fortnite. Cell work sounds interesting. OoOOoO pizza looks delicious! Mama made pizza as well! I'v been baking as well occasionally

  13. Getting tempted to make pizza now. Usually just order from the takeaway but yours looks so good.

    My girls haven't played fortnite or Roblox...might have to check them out.

    Must admit we have been getting a bit bored now

  14. Mine have gone crazy on fortnite again, my husband plays it too! I would love us to have more movie nights instead but can't get them to stop gaming! Your homemade pizza looks great!

  15. My kids are obsessed with Roblox and are often getting excited about things they have found

  16. I am soooo annoyed that I didn't spot Ancestry had free access! I haven't done any family histiry research since the last freebie :( Our school work is a real struggle as the kids have completely lost interest #project366