Thursday 28 May 2020

Some idea's for your next barbecue! #NationalBBQWeek

Usually UK households will have an average of 6 barbecues for friends and family over the summer meaning as a nation we will stick 700 million burgers and 626 million hot dogs on the barbecue smothered in 326 million bottles of ketchup! 

With lock down happening and not being able to see family and friends I imagine some get together's will be postponed but there's no stopping you having a BBQ just for the people in your household. This week is the perfect week to have one with it being warm out and National BBQ Week.

We do love a BBQ here! We never seem to plan them though, they just seem to happen when we decide it's too warm to be in the kitchen and it's not too windy outside.

According to a survey recently taken six out of ten of us claim they are stuck in an inspiration rut, cooking the same burgers, salads and sides repeatedly. I know I am. I always do burgers, hot dogs and corn on the cob and maybe some kebabs if I'm feeling adventurous.

Here's some idea's for your next BBQ!

Pineapple & pork skewers.

Kids will love these pork, pineapple and green pepper skewers, marinated for added flavour and cooked on the barbecue. Serve with rice or in pitta bread.

Perfect potato salad.

This family favourite is so easy to make and is perfect for teaching even 5 year olds how to chop, snip and mix.

Lentil and carrot hot dogs.

Make your own quick and tasty carrot hot dog with pureed veggies and lentils to give them a delicious taste and fine ‘veggie dog’-like texture. They’re fast, easy and full of goodness. Vegan and easily gluten free. 

Mango & prawn skewers.

Pork & apple burgers.

A tasty burger recipe perfect for a barbecue or under the grill. They are so simple to make and are something a little bit different. If I can make them anyone can!

Chilli-lime barbecued sweetcorn.

Barbecued corn on the cob is great on its own, but even better with chilli butter and a squeeze of lime on top.

What is your favourite recipe to cook on a BBQ?

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