Tuesday 12 May 2020

What I am looking forward to when life goes back to normal.

Nothing has changed for us after Boris Johnson's announcement on Sunday. We're just carrying on as we have been. We're not planning on going out to parks, sunbathing or going to meet people in parks, we're staying home where it's safe.

It's hard to imagine a life of full freedom at the moment, being able to go and see who we want. Life has changed dramatically in such a short time and reading news reports and media it seems it's going to be a long while until life is back to the old normal, if it ever is! It doesn't stop me thinking about the things we used to take for granted, the things which were normal before we were told we weren't allowed to do them.

What I am most looking forward to when life goes back to normal.

I think the biggest thing will be seeing family! We moved to Scunthorpe to spend more time with my dad and for the last couple of months I've hardly seen him. I feel robbed and cheated. I do speak to him on the phone every day but it's not the same. I can't wait to go to his, help him with all the computer problems he runs into, root through his garage for DIY things that he doesn't need and we could use and give him a big hug. I can't wait to see his partner either and have a proper gossip and moan about people.

I didn't think I was a people person until I got told that I couldn't go out and see people. Now I am missing people. The people we met at the local auction, new friends that I have made and I am even missing my dad's friends, some of who are not really keen on me. lol I am even missing Ellie's friends popping in after school. I can't wait to have a catch up with everyone. 

I am looking forward to shopping properly! Being able to get a proper food shop with more than 80 items from Tesco but most of all I am excited about going to Primark! There is every chance they will have an excess of stock now so will need to sell it all off at bargain prices. hehehe! The kids are growing fast and need new clothes so I think we are all in for a treat.

The kids are missing school and college. It was fun at first doing the home schooling but I think we are all getting tired of it. I am not a teacher and the kids know that and do sometimes push their luck. They need an education and Ellie is getting lazy at home so I am looking forward to them going back. I can't see that happening any time soon though. From what I've read secondary schools and colleges won't be going back until September.

Their schools and colleges were closed before lock down even started so haven't seen their friends for the longest time. I feel so sad for them, especially Becky and her girlfriend. They are really missing each other. It's "A's" 18th birthday next month and I can't see them being able to see each other, we will of course be sending cards and presents. 

That first day when Stu goes back to work and the kids go back to school and college is going to be so strange. I haven't been alone since March the 18th! I think I will be a little lost but I am looking forward to it. Being able to eat the snacks without the kids asking for them, I'll be able to get up out of my armchair without someone asking where am I going and I will be able to get back into my routine!

The last time we had McDonalds was the day we moved house, way back at the end of June last year. The nearest one is miles away, 2 bus rides but we had planned to go over Easter but obviously couldn't. I can't wait to get a burger in my mouth. I already have my order planned. McChicken sandwich, fries, a mango and pineapple iced fruit smoothie, a hamburger and a McFlurry of some sort. Yes I will make a pig of myself but I will enjoy every single bite! 

Stu and I are due a night out. We've not had one together since just before we moved house. We had been meaning to visit our local put but never got around to it. Nights out in the winter are no fun but there has been a couple of evenings recently where I think it would be lovely to sit in a beer garden with a cool pint of cider.

Before we moved house we have already decided on some places we wanted to visit but we needed to get sorted financially after moving. It took us a little while to get sorted but things were looking good after Christmas. We did have a day out to Hull during February half term and we were waiting for the weather to get better to have some family days out and then coronavirus happened. Those days out will still happen and now we've lived here for longer we've found some more places to visit too. The Deep in Hull, the aquarium is still top of our list though.

What are you looking forward to doing when life goes back to normal?


  1. Ahhh it's lovely to plan ahead ! Today was a weird day for us as primary schools reopened. As I originally had to go into work, I said Pierre would go in, so he went today - 5 pupils in his class (his class is split in two). Then, in the end, secondary schools are staying shut until 2nd June so I don't know now whether to keep sending him in or keep him home for another 3 weeks ! :-/

  2. Sounds like you have lots of plants after this! I know my eldest is looking forward to a Primark shop, her drama club and seeing her mates in town. I'm honestly not got any plans and have no desire to go out anywhere! X

  3. Like you I haven't been alone since the middle of March although I have had to go to the market and the supermarket a couple of times as we don't have food deliveries from the supermarkets here. I do miss a good browse around the supermarket - when I've done it I've just grabbed the usual stuff off the shelves so I can be as quick as I can!


  4. Just getting out and about. Being back in the office, although it won't be good going back social distancing, I think it'll be more sociable from home via zoom rather than all the things we won't be able to do in the office.