Saturday 16 May 2020

Week 20 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

We have had another week of much of the same as we've had for the last 8 weeks. The kids have been slightly better and more willing to do their school and college work which has made life a lot more pleasant. I wasn't planning on getting another shopping delivery until the end of my month but saw Iceland had some available and we are running short of some freezer things like onions, chips, potato waffles and fruit. I suppose it's the joys of having the kids home and eating more.

Now for a photo every day!

Drumstick sweets, black jacks and an anti snoring ring.
Frosted glass on the window and my youngest on the sofa doing her school work
My teen on her laptop doing her college work
A coronavirus questionnaire and a pile of clean washing to put away.

130/366 - 9th May
Swizzles Drumstick Squashies and Black Jacks are my favourite sweets. These didn't last long at all.

131/366 - 10th May
I was sent an anti-snoring ring to review on here, the post is coming next week but on Sunday I was taking some photos for it.

132/366 - 11th May
We hated the window in the dining room. Next door have been getting a lot of work done with an extension being built over the last 6 months so builders and workmen have been passing by having a good nosy if the curtains were open so we decided to get some frosted glass film to put up. My fella got it off ebay, £10 for a big sheet and there was enough to do the upstairs window facing next door too.

133/366 - 12th May
Usually Ellie will sit at her desk or the dining room table to do her school work which involves writing but on Tuesday she had no motivation so I brought her in the living room and the change of scene worked and she cracked on with it.

134/366 - 13th May
Becky doing some of her college work. She had a Zoom meeting with her tutors and classmates and I sent her upstairs because she was moaning about everyone being too loud and how we couldn't be trusted not to speak. lol

135/366 - 14th May
I saw a tag thing on Facebook about asking your kids about Coronavirus and decided to print it out and use it as some work towards Ellie's home learning. She thought it was great fun.

136/366 - 15th May
The job of putting clean washing away is never ending! Ugh!

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  1. Ahh sounds like a great way to get some privacy back - good job ! Great to see the girls working so hard. Sorry, still don't like Black Jacks - yuck !

  2. How annoying that the builders were looking through the window! It's good that you found an easy solution though. Will e interested to hear how the anti-snoring ring worked. It's good to see the kids getting on with their work. A change of scene is definitely good sometimes.

  3. Glad this week was slightly better.
    How rude of the builders to be so nosey but the frosted glass film should do the trick!

    Been thinking to try that tag with Bee

  4. How rude of those builders having a nosey in your home! Shouldn't they be cracking on with their work?!!! I absolutely love, love, love Black Jacks, a favourite of mine from my younger days! Nicely done on the Iceland slot, delivery slots have been hard to come by over the weeks! Hope you are all well and having a lovely weekend! Sim x #Project366

  5. I need to do the tag with N. Will be nice to look back on. Glad the school and college work is going better. I'll be interested to read the snoring ring review. I snore, but don't know if it's improved now I've lost a bit of weight.

  6. ooohhhh black jacks, yum yum.

    Good idea using the frosted covering for your window. hate when people do there.
    Our Iceland never use to do deliveries so dont know if they do currently.

  7. I think you did right getting some of that frosted film! Enjoy your newfound privacy! I feel your pain with the washing mountain, I always seem to be folding clean washing and trying to find the energy to put it away!

  8. I'm with you on people peeking inside your house, so annoying. Glad you found an easy solution to the problem. I don't think I ever tried Black Jacks, but as I'm not a fan of liquorice, I will leave them all to you. :) Oh yes, the washing, folding, ironing, it's never-ending. Glad to hear your girls worked hard this week. We try to send my DH in his office room for the Zoom calls, as they are super annoying for the rest of us, if we're in the sitting room.

  9. Glad that the girls have been more willing to do their school/college work this week. I've seen the coronavirus tag on Facebook and have been meaning to ask Sophie to do it - good idea to print it out and do it as part of home learning. Glad the frosted film did the trick in the dining room. I'm with you on feeling like the laundry is never-ending! #project366

  10. Laundry is just relentless isn't it? I'll be interested to read about the snoring as my hubby is a nightmare! #project366

  11. How annoying that the builders were looking through the window. That is just rude. Hope the anit-snoring ring helps. It is nice to see the kids enjoying their work. Those lollies look amazing xx

  12. Funny names for sweets. Anti-snoring ring? That'll be interesting. True, in my online classes, I have to isolate myself to avoid everyone talking and my dogs barking. Thats alot fo washing

  13. Black Jacks totally remind me of the 80s! I am with you on the clean washing. It is amazing how the washing fairy does it all?! And she is never thanked! I must look up the questionnaire I have decided to try and create a time capsule so it would be perfect for that. I am just about zoomed out! XX

  14. I love squashies too, I have a really sweet tooth!! I want to do the kids coronavirus questionaire with mine too

  15. My favourite sweeties also, but sadly can't eat them any more after dental surgery. Oh my the washing with a family is never ending, has it slowed down with you all at home? People walking past my windows don't bother me, if they don't like what they see that's their problem lol. I love seeing the kids going back and forth to school through the kitchen and the dining room windows, might change my mind, but at the moment I don't have the ability to hang curtains. I must say whilst walking Bob I find myself looking at the windows to see the teddy bears, rainbows and messages of support

  16. We put up net curtains last year. I hate them but it stops people looking in so much. We are also going to try those snoring rings I wonder if they will work on my husband. #project365