Saturday 30 May 2020

Week 22 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

Another week of lock down has gone and it seems from next week things will be trying to get back to normal with some kids going back to school then more shops and businesses opening. I feel quite glad my girls are older and are not returning to school and college before September.

Hasn't the weather been glorious! In my head I would love to spend all day out in the garden sunning myself but I find it far too hot even in the shade of the parasol. I feel like a cave troll hiding inside. It has been fab to dry the washing though.

Now for a photo every day!

144/366 - 23rd May
Becky made a lasagne for us all for tea. She mostly made it from scratch and did a fantastic job! I will never buy a ready made one again when she likes to make them.

145/366 - 24th May
Ellie is back into drawing. She has such a talent for being able to copy a picture she see's and putting it on to paper.

146/366 - 25th May
Stu got around to painting the hallway and up the stairs. It looks so good now. We've started to put some pictures up too and it feels more like home.

147/366 - 26th May
Finally I have strawberries or tomatoes which are growing. These were the 2nd lot of seeds I've planted. I was just about ready to give up on them when they appeared. I say strawberries or tomatoes because I can't remember what seeds were planted where. lol

148/366 - 27th May
We had a treat for lunch. A takeaway from the chippy. I had spam fritter, chips and baked beans. It was amazing!

149/366 - 28th May
Sheeps. hehehe The kids both used to call more than one sheep, sheeps and we've stuck with it. We stopped for a drink when we were on a bike ride and picked a lovely spot.

150/366 - 29th May
Becky really loves colouring in and at least it's something different from playing Fortnite or on her tablet.

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  1. We're back to school next week - well, me as a teacher and Pierre, but Juliette's still off at the moment. Scary times ! That lasagne looks great (well done Becky !) and the fish and chip dinner too - yum ! Great to see you have all settled into lockdown living so well :)

  2. We're still waiting to hear whether N will be due back at some point - not sure the school will be able to fit them in. But the OH has said he won't be going back til Sept.It worries me that he'll miss out on friendships and work compared with others who do go back. He'll just have to buck up his english efforts going forward.

    Handy Becky likes cooking. I always do lasagne with our bolognese leftovers, as it's too much to do all in one go.

  3. Ellie's drawing is fantastic, as is Becky's lasagne! We always make them too. It's hard work, but definitely worth it!
    I'm glad my kids don't have to go back to school yet too.

  4. Lovely to hear your house is feeling 'home' now, you've done an awful lot of decorating. The lasagne looks lovely. I've really been enjoying this weather, makes a change for the sun to be shining and actually be able to sit out in it

  5. You'll soon figure out which plants these are, as the leaves are quite distinctive and different from each other. It's been too hot here as well. I am working in the garden every day, mostly in the evening when the sun goes down. Well done to Becky for cooking lasagne from scratch. Yum! And Ellie's drawing is beautiful. I'm also glad Eddie doesn't have to go back to school yet. I'm not ready to send him there anyway.

  6. Yum can't beat homemade lasagna well done Becky! I need to train my boys up to do the cooking. Glad Ellie is breaking up screen time drawing, I love the dragon picture. My two love gaming and I find it hard to get them off their consoles, its a daily battle I could do without! x

  7. True, I'd love to sit outside all day but it becomes too hot and too dry often, or it rains. I want to reach through the picture and taste that lasagne. cool drawing. You'll find out what's planted when they grow. awesome coloruing

  8. we call them sheeps as well.
    Ellie's drawing is amazing, Fifi is good at copying as well.
    Well done Becky on the lasagne, much better than shop bought.

  9. Ellie's drawing is fantastic. Really well done. And I love Becky's lasagne. What stars.The weather has been lovely xx

  10. Your post should come with a warning 'You will drool over food pics!'
    That homemade lasagna looks amazing, I haven't had lasanga in so long, do love making it at home, just need to find a good Keto work around!
    I've never had a spam fritter, I thought that was a scallop at first sight! A damn good chippy would go down a real treat right now! Sim x

  11. Becky's colouring and cooking seems to be going very well. And it must be good to be seeing improvements around the house. Hope you can work out what the seeds are soon - once they get their second pairs of leaves it should be more obvious as the leaves will be very different.

  12. We decided to keep the youngest at home and the older one is not in the first lot. Not sure if his year will make it back or not but he will not be going. Yay to the seeds germinating we've had loads of trouble with ours this year. Love fish and chips, never tried a fritter x

  13. That drawing is amazing, it is the one skill I wish I had.

  14. That lasagne looks amazing. Love Ellie's drawing and Becky's colouring is beautiful. So nice to have fish and chips and yay for seeds growing in the garden :-) #project366

  15. We still haven't braved a takeaway and I'm feeling very chip deprived! I've never tried grwoing strawberries as my dad has never had much luck with them but we have gooseberries, raspberries and blueberries. #project366

  16. I am glad the girls aren't going back until September too! Although part of me does need a break from them!

    The lasagna looks great. I love it but no one else eats it so I don't make it!

    Her drawing skills are great.