Thursday 14 May 2020

Have you been cleaning and tidying more recently?

A recent YouGov poll shows 49% of people are cleaning and tidying more now than before the lockdown! I know our house has never been cleaner! I started cleaning more deeply at the start of the lock down to get rid of germs but now I am back to my normal routine. A do one room a day and then the whole family joins in on a Saturday and we we tidy and deep clean the whole of downstairs.

There is an average 5,400 Google searches for ‘Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips’ per month. In case you didn't know Mrs Hinch is the cleaning influencer who took Instagram by storm and gained millions of followers within a year.

It was because of Mrs Hinch I discovered how keep my mattresses clean and smelling fresh by using bicarbonate of soda.

Simply strip the sheets off the bed, sprinkles the bicarbonate of soda over the mattress and leave it for at least an hour. Bicarbonate of soda. is an odour eliminator so any smells that may linger in the mattress are just soaked up by the bicarb. After an hour use a hoover to remove any excess powder. 

It is also because of her that I put a couple of sheets of kitchen roll with a few drops of Zoflora on in the bottom of the kitchen and bathroom bin's to keep them smelling fresh!

I first discovered Zoflora in 2015 and it was because of my blog and being sent some to review. I have used it ever since. It has so many uses! I have a spray bottle with some in, mixed with water and use it on everything. For cleaning, spraying the kids stinky trainers, cupboard doors, on the fake flowers and I even have a bit in the toilet brush holder keeping that smelling fresh.

At the moment the top cleaning product in the UK is Zoflora with over a third of Brits saying so!

As much as I'm not keen on Mrs Hinch she does have some fantastic tips and I have learned a lot from her! 

Making cushions smell nice - Put a dryer sheets in cushion cover.

Remove hair from your carpets - Drag a window squeegee over carpets and rugs to pull up old fibres, pet fur, hair and dirt.

Spray Zoflora on radiators - When they are switched on the whole room will smell amazing!

The toilet roll curtain hack - You place a roll between each curtain ring so you have perfect pleats hanging. 

De-clogging plugholes - Pour three quarters of a cupful of soda crystals down the plug and leave for two to three minutes. Pour down a cupful of white vinegar and leave for ten minutes then pour a cap of Zoflora down and leave it for one minute. Finally, pour a full kettle of boiling water down the plug to wash it all away.

What is your top cleaning hack?

The information was supplied by End of Tenancy London but I was not asked or compensated to write this blog post. 

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  1. errrr, we are a lazy bunch here! I like your tips though, the bicarb on the mattresses sounds good. I'm a big fan of Zoflora and have been for years. It just smells so good. I have some in a on old spray bottle diluted with water and it gets sprayed everywhere. I tried one of Mrs Hinch's tips with a certain fabric conditioner on my doors. It smelt nice, but it left big white smears which were not visible straight away because of the doors being white. It took me ages to rinse it all off!