Thursday 21 May 2020

Coronavirus questionnaire answered by my youngest.

I saw these questions on Facebook last week. People were asking their children then and I thought it would be great for Ellie my 12 year old to answer them too. I printed them off and she wrote the answers so it went towards her doing some home learning too. hehehe

1. What is the Corona virus?
Coronavirus is a virus. It is like a cold but worser.

2. Who is the prime minister?
Boris Johnson

3. How many days have we been in lockdown?
A lot!

4. What is your family wearing today?
Proper clothes

5. Do you want to go back to school?
Yes, because I'm bored and to see my friends.

6. Who is the first person you are going to hug when lockdown ends?
Nobody because we will have to social distance.

7. Where is the first place you want to go when lockdown ends?
The Park.

8. What do you think we can do to get rid of the coronavirus?
Stay at home.

9. Is parent a good teacher?

10. If corona virus was an animal what animal would it be?
An evil bunny.

11. How did the Corona Virus start?
I don't know an idiot ate a bat.    

12. If you had to wear protective clothing to help you what would it be?
A mask.

She did say she was only bored when she had to do school work which she thought this was but then agreed it was better than school work because at least it's about something which is happening now. 

I like that she seems to understand when lockdown ends life won't go back to normal straight away and we will still have to social distance. Sensible girl. 

Have you asked your kids these questions?


  1. "Is your parent a good teacher? Meh!" Love it !!! lol. I should pass these on to my kids and see what they come up with ! :)

  2. Love this! I may pinch it for my guys and see what they say. Thanks for sharing. I'm impressed with her hug answer. Even I was thinking I would hug my mum haha oh dear!

  3. I have wanted to ask my little lady these questions I just haven't got round to it yet. At five she points out people that are not social distancing. I feel a little sad that we have to teach this to our children. It will be a very different world x

  4. Haha! Well done Ellie. I did giggle at number 11.
    Very sensible of her to mention the social distancing. Some adults could learn from Ellie. x

  5. This is an interesting questionnaire and Ellie's evil bunny answer made me laugh :)