Friday 15 May 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Same! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is: 

This past week has seen us doing much of the same as the previous 7 or 8 weeks but this week has felt different and by the end of it I felt more settled and relaxed than I have in ages.

I spent the weekend feeling anxious about what Boris Johnson's big announcement was going to be and he just reassured me that I am right to think he's a waffling idiot. It was all a bit confusing and the "Stay Alert" slogan is ridiculous. Haven't we all been doing that for months? I just hope people are being sensible with the new rules about being able to go outside more which I personally think is stupid. I can go and sit in the park with tons of people nearby but can't sit in my own garden with my dad's partner and have a cuppa (of course keeping our distance). Madness and like my teen says "it's not fair!".

Nothing has changed for us. We're still staying home apart from the odd bike ride, walk out and walk to the local shop. I went to the shop yesterday just for milk, bread and loo rolls and found it so stressful. I won't be rushing to go again anytime soon.

Stu did get a phone call from his boss on Monday saying he can return to work next week but then we had another call saying hang fire, the return to work is postponed as Stu's workplace needs to be made safer. His boss said he needs to work out how employees are going to share work spaces, tools and stay safe.

The kids have been pretty good with doing their school work this past week. I have been changing things around and doing different things with Ellie instead of following exactly what the school says. She's written letters to relatives, designed a mansion on the Sims instead of just drawing it and baked some fab Swizzles cakes.

So far we've not had any word about Ellie returning to school. From what I've read there is little chance of her year group going back before September. Becky's college has said they will have a face to face meeting with each student at the end of term before the summer holidays start to discuss their end result of the course and what they plan to do next. Becky is going on to the higher level health and social care course so it should be pretty straightforward.

Becky was in a group chat with some of her tutors and classmates and they got on about Student Finance and how anyone receiving it should be getting payments each week. 99% of people at Becky's college claim the financial assistance to some extent even if it's just the free bus pass. Becky said she wasn't getting it and her tutor said it was an automatic payment to her bank account. She checked and she had almost £90. lol She'd been getting a payment every week during lock down. That has taught her a lesson to keep checking her bank account. I said she could keep half and give me the rest. She's already planning on what to buy with her share. 

The only big change in our week has been that Ellie convinced me to play Roblox with her and now I'm hooked! I don't see the point of games that you just run about and jump with but I do like the tycoon games especially restaurant tycoon & pizza tycoon. I have also spent a good couple of hours running around growing pets on Adopt Me! I take back all the negative things I've said about Roblox now I get it. lol

So despite the rules around lock down changing our life is staying the same. We're all staying home except for bike rides, walks and shopping and I am getting used to this way of life. I hope you are all keeping well and are staying safe.


  1. We're doing the exact same as you Kim. Staying home and staying sensible! It sounds like you're really settling in to the new normal which is great :) It cracks me up that you've been playing games too, Mike managed to find me a rugrats game I used to play when I was a kid and I was hooked to the screen for over an hour! #wotw

  2. WE are staying home too, and everything is the same for us. I'm quite happy to keep it like that until I know it's completely safe out there! (if it ever will be) #wotw

  3. It must be a nightmare for employers setting up the workspace for social distancing. I'm not surprised that some need more time. We've had confirmation that only one of mine is going back into school before the end of the year. She's fine with it. I can't see them going in for full days or full weeks. It sounds like you are making learning a bit more interesting for Ellie. I bet Becky was pleased with her unexpected windfall. Hope you have a lovely weekend. #wotw

  4. Lol, I'm with you on your view of the PM. It seems to me that the change in rules mostly just allowed people to do what many of them were already doing - other than not being allowed to sit in a family member's garden even if you were maintaining social distancing. I can't help but think that's safer than sitting in a park with lots of people but I guess the danger is that emotionally it's harder to keep that distance with family. Nothing has really changed for us either other than being able to go and visit Jessica now. Love the look of your Swizzles cupcakes - I didn't know they did Parma Violet ones. We have the Squashies one in the cupboard ready for Sophie to do at some point. Glad you are enjoying playing Roblox and that was a nice surprise for Becky to find those payments being made into her account. :-) #WotW

  5. Boris does seem a bit of an arrogant buffoon, and people have to do their best despite him and your government! I do think it is a bit of a contradiction, how we are kind of used to this lockdown thing, and in the zone, as it were, and yet we are getting a bit fed up and angsty! All in all, it sounds as if you are doing good! #WotW

  6. I understand about this week beign more of the same. Glad you feel more relaxed though. Boris Johnson does seem a bit strange indeed. #WotW

  7. We are staying home like you too. Despite restrictions being lifted, exam students going back and all shops opening I feel safer when we stay in our own area and just go to the supermarket when necessary. We are close enough to the country to go on bike rides and walks with friends but I'm fine with doing things outside as long as the weather is nice :o)