Thursday 7 May 2020

A medical mix up! #DeafAwarenessWeek

We had a visit to our local GP shortly after moving house so the girls could be referred to the local hospitals for their heart issues (we have been seen). What we also needed was an appointment for checks on Ellie's ear. She is deaf in on of them and we need to keep an eye on her good one.

With it being Deaf Awareness Week I did write a post a couple of days ago about Ellie's history with her hearing loss.

In September Becky received a letter from the Audiology department at our local hospital saying they'd received the referral from her GP saying she needed a hearing check and she was on a waiting list. Nope, It was Ellie who needed the hearing check, not Becky! The doctor had got things mixed up. I rang the doctors surgery and they said they would sort things out.

We waited, waited and waited. I have rang every month since the referral and was told things are backed up. Then the coronavirus happened and I gave up hope of hearing anything until I got a phone call last week.

The consultant Mr B apologised for taking his time in getting around to us but then said he was ringing about Rebebcca. (Becky's official name) I told him it wasn't Becky but was Ellie who was needed to be seen but for a good couple of minutes he was convinced I was wrong until I told him to check Becky's medical records, obviously there was nothing about hearing loss. I explained what had happened and he went off rummaging around in some papers (I could hear) and came back saying he did have a letter about Ellie being referred. He logged into Ellie's medical records on his computer and had a quick look through.

There was a lot of oohing and ahhing as he read through Ellie's history. We spent about half an hour talking about what had gone on with Ellie, how she was born with a hearing loss and it gradually got worse. He read about how a cochlear implant was offered and we refused and agreed with me that it was pointless trying it with such a low chance of it working. He asked why Ellie had been offered a MRI scan and we refused. I said it was just to aid their research on Auditory neuropathy and it would have no benefit to Ellie. He agreed and said that the hospital in Newcastle was known to be one who was known for experimental treatments and research which is amazing but I could understand how I didn't want Ellie to become a guinea pig especially after already having open heart surgery.

On Ellie's records he could see letters from her new school asking for confirmation that she was deaf and what support could be given. Nothing had been done about that so he said he would get a letter written and sent to them which they have already received as I spoke to Ellie's form tutor yesterday. Ellie's school has been great with supporting her hearing loss but with this letter of confirmation they can offer more support.

He said that with everything going on with coronavirus Ellie can't have a hearing test at the moment but as she has gone so long without one she will be prioritised when appointments start happening again. Hooray! He is also going to send a letter to our local GP telling them off for not removing Becky's referral and getting it wrong in the first place.

It was the last thing we needed sorting since moving house last summer and the final piece of the jigsaw to being well and truly settled. I feel like a weight has been lifted now that Ellie is under the care of the local hospital, will have extra care at school and now we just have to wait for coronavirus to do one so Ellie can have her hearing test.

Have you ever had any medical mix up's?


  1. So glad that you got everything sorted in the end. What a worry! I think Ellie does amazingly well. x

  2. So pleased it's finally through! Hopefully she'll be at the top of that list x