Thursday 12 March 2020

My first cross stitch pattern is finished and why you should try it.

In January I started a new hobby thanks to a cross stitch kit I was sent to review. Before I started I had never even tried doing cross stitch but it was so easy to get the hang of.

The kit I used was the Rico Hare Cushion Cross Stitch Kit from LoveCrafts I did think about using my finished cross stitch pattern as a cushion cover but I knew if I did the kids would not leave it alone and it would be ruined so I put it in a frame and it's not in the bathroom. I am planning on doing the same with my new kit. Over the weekend I bought a new kit. The Rico Fox cushion cross stitch kit and I have already made a start on it.

I have found so many reasons why I love doing cross stitch and why it's a great hobby:

It's easy to pick up!
It looks way more complicated than it is. Once you have made the first few stitches that's all you need to know! As long as you are able to follow a pattern there should be no stopping you. I watched a few videos on YouTube to get me started and I was shocked that there wasn't more to it since the end result looks so fancy.

It's relaxing!
You don't think about anything else apart from cross stitch when you are doing it because the only thing you focus on is counting and stitching which is very relaxing and certainly reduces your stress levels.

It's creative!
I am not usually a creative or artistic person so this is a great hobby. It makes me feel like I have a talent. You don't have to stick to patterns when you get the hang of it, you can design anything you want.

It takes a while!
There is nothing quick about cross stitch but that is a good thing. It took me a month to complete this project, doing half an hour here and there and I was actually quite sad when I was finished as I looked forward to doing it in my free time.

It's not expensive!
A biggish kit like I had costs about £20 but you can find free patterns online and buy the basic supplies separately and cheaply.

Projects can become gifts!
You can create inexpensive, hand made gifts for friends and family. I always prefer hand made gifts over bought one's.

A great sense of accomplishment!
When you finish a project it feels so good. I was so proud of myself when my rabbit was finished. My family are very impressed with it too.

Do you do any crafts like cross stitch?

I received the Rico Hare Cushion Cross Stitch Kit free of charge to review for a previous post but I was not asked to write this blog post.


  1. Your finished piece is so lovely and you've finished it so quickly! I love the frame that you've made. I really enjoy doing cross stitch, I find it so relaxing and like you say easy to pick up and put down, and not get lost with where you are up to. I like working on big pieces, they take me years so I try and choose ones that have lots of different interesting sections to them rather than one large picture.

    1. Thank you! I have started my new one and have another being delivered over the next couple of days. I'm hooked on it. x

  2. @msedollyp - I took up crochet to prove I could still learn, could create and I love it, the creativity and the me- time and the focus from the chatter in my mind! Carry on creating!

    1. Go you! It is great for a bit of me time. Thank you x

  3. This is so lovely! I haven't done cross stitching for years! I used to really enjoy doing it. Think I might have to have another go after seeing yours. x