Thursday 19 March 2020

The best Friends gifts out there!

I never got into watching Friends when it was first show on TV. The first episode I watched was the final episode just to see what all the hype was about. Since then I have seen all the episodes at least 10 times. Becky got into it a few years ago and I'd say she's seen all the episodes and now Ellie has started to watch it and it makes me so happy! 

Last year Becky got a load of Friends merchandise for her birthday. Primark and B&M had tons of things in and it made it so easy to buy for her but it was only the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more things out there, all friends related.

Here's some of the best I've found:

Friends Lego Central Perk - £54.99 - Smyths Toys.
Friends Coffee Mug - £14.00 - Argos
Friends Photo Frame - £14.99 - Firebox
Friends Monopoly Board Game - £29.99 - The Works
Friends Central Perk Neon Light - £24.99 - Very

Friends Duvet Cover Set - £17.99 - Wayfair
Friends Fridge Magnets - £5.99 - Truffle Shuffle
Friends Cookie Jar - £20.00 - Argos
Trivial Pursuit Friends Edition - £15.00 - Moonpig
I'd rather be watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S Water Bottle - £8.00 - Claires
Friends Snack Boxes - £9.99 - Very

Friends Slippers - £5.00 - Primark
Friends Central Perk Welcome Door Mat - £14.99 - Truffle Shuffle
Friends TV Series Sweatshirt - £15.00 - Asda
Friends Chick and Duck Egg Cups - £7.00 - Menkind
Ladies 5 pair Friends cotton socks - £9.99 - Sockshop
Friends Weekly Planner - £6.99 - Paladone

Are you a Friends fan? Would you like any of these gifts or do you know someone who would?


  1. me, me, me all of them! I dare anyone to beat me at Friends Trivial Pursuit!! I can practically recite every episode, lol. I love that it has made a come back and will put it on whenever I'm bored. I remember, many years ago, I was enjoying a new episode when a big black spider appeared on my living room wall. I was alone, I was terrified of the spider but I didn't want to stop watching friends. So, I called my husband to come home from work and get the spider (he was a cab driver at the time) then I turned the tv to side slightly, and went and sat on the stairs with the door open a little so I could carry on watching without being in the same room as the spider! :)

  2. Brilliant ideas for Friends lovers X

  3. Oh I LOVE Friends I watched every episode when it first came out and I still watch it now! I really fancied Joey! Hehe.
    I love all of the Friends gifts you have chosen, especially the neon light and the weekly planner. x

  4. I am a friend's nut! It would be my specialist subject I think because I watch them still everyday the only thing I have bad memory on is getting the episodes and seasons right with specific scenes lol
    Love all these gifts what good taste you all have haha x