Tuesday 24 March 2020

(Ad - Gifted) Saturday night is our family night!

Before kids Saturday night was always a night for going out with friends, drinking too much and not getting in until the early hours of the morning. Since having kids I am all for having a cosy night in spending time with my family.

For years we have always made a point of sitting down as the family on a Saturday evening and spending some quality time together. Saturday night is the best night for us to have family night.

My family sat on the sofa watching TV

We always have the best meal of the week on a Saturday tea time. I am a stickler for eating at the dining room table but that rule goes out of the window and we sit in the living room with our tea on our laps. We always have something fun as the kids call it. Usually food we can eat with our hands or something similar to a takeaway that we have made at home ourselves. On Saturday we had home made pizza followed by chocolate brownie squares and ice cream. The kids made their own pizza with the exact toppings they wanted. Half for tea and half for lunch on Sunday!

My youngest adding toppings to her pizza
The made pizza ready to be cut.

Even though we are usually stuffed from tea we always have treats. This time of year is brilliant as we usually get an Easter egg each to munch on but this week we didn't bother we kept it simple and got a few chocolate bars each and Pringles are a must! 

A selection of chocolate bars and snacks

There is no rush for the kids to go to bed as we always have a lie in on a Sunday. Even Ellie sometimes stays up until gone 11pm. It might be classed as the best parenting but she is nearly 13 years old, she does catch up on her sleep on Sunday as we don't do much and Sunday is our lazy day.

The best TV is always on! Saturday night TV is the only TV we all watch and enjoy together as a family. We love a bit of Ant and Dec and since the beginning of the year we have been watching The Voice like we do every year. 

We all have our favourite judges. Ellie loves Meghan Trainor, Becky loves Will.I.Am, Stu loves Olly Murs and I love Tom Jones. He's an utter legend! When the judges were picking their teams you could find us shouting at the TV telling them to turn.

Our TV with The Voice on.

Over the weekend it was the 2nd of the knockout shows but now the live shows have obviously been postponed because of the Coronavirus. I think when they come back they'll have to do a catch up show. We can still have our fix of The Voice as this coming weekend they have a show with the most memorable moments.!

The sponsors of The Voice, giffgaff sent us a box of goodies to help us have a fantastic Saturday night in. 

A box full of goodies to have a night in with.

The box was made from recycled cardboard and everything in it came from sustainable suppliers. The bluetooth speaker is crafted with sustainable cork to be as natural as it can be and the in ear, wired headphones are made with natural materials and recycled plastics. I didn't even know that was a thing!

 giffgaff are encouraging people to consider buying refurbished phones as they are more sustainable and better for the world we live in. I always thought refurbished phones were old and tatty but that isn't the case. A refurbished phone is not like a normal second hand phone, it may have been returned by a customer for having a fault which has since being repaired by the manufacturer! These devices sold by giffgaff are put through their paces with rigorous tests and are sold working like new. Of course if you buy one you're still covered by a 12 month warranty.

Did you know there are over 40 million unused devices in UK homes? Used phones are still very precious and many can be refurbished. You can sell your used phone and make some money from it too!

How do you usually spend your Saturday evenings?

We were sent a box of products from giffgaff in exchange for this blog post.


  1. Your Saturday night in sounds just perfect and I am quite envious of your chocolate collection! Would love an Aero or a Twirl!!!

    1. We do love a Saturday night here. Ahh! The Twirl is all mine x

  2. We also have takeaway style food on Saturday nights. Usually something like pizza or Fajita's are a popular one. I get the teen to do the cheesy natcho's to go with it too. #MMBC

    1. It's the best type of food to have. Cheesy nacho's! Yum x

  3. Family time together, getting cosy and plenty of yummy snacks, what a perfect Saturday night. x