Saturday 28 March 2020

Week 13 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

I hope you are all keeping well and are staying safe. We're all OK here and at the moment my girls are enjoying being home from school. They've got on with the work set for them and then spent most afternoons in the garden. The weather has been lovely and I would like it to last but looking at the weather forecast the temperature is set to drop over the weekend. Typical when I have ordered lots of things for the garden. lol

Now for a photo every day!

My girls on the sofa eating homemade pizza.
My cards off my girls featuring Dobby off Harry Potter.
My fella fixing the shed window and my fella and my girls skipping
My youngest daughter just posing and my teen messing about on a scooter

81/366 - 21st March
We had our usual Saturday night in front of the TV which involved home made pizza, snacks, Ant & Dec & The Voice.

82/366 - 22nd March
Mother's day and it was the best day. The girls spoilt me rotten with a few of gifts and some fantastic cards. My teen is getting very good at finding things on ebay. hehehe

83/366 - 23rd March
Stu was laid off from work over the weekend but has made a point of doing lots of DIY jobs around the house and in the garden. Monday's job was fixing and painting the shed window. Since then he's painted the outside of the house, weeded the garden and mowed the lawn. I told him not to rush or he'll be out of jobs soon.

84/366 - 24th March
Fun in the garden with some skipping ropes. I may have had a go and nearly passed out from all the jumping and exercise.

85/366 - 25th March
As much as the kids would like to stay in their pj's every day I have made sure they get dressed and Ellie is looking so grown up. The clothes she had one were hand me downs from her sister but she's starting to care more about what goes with what.

86/366 - 26th March
Messing around in the garden again.

87/366 - 27th March
And in the garden again. I am so glad we got this trampoline a few weeks ago. The kids have had great fun with it.

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  1. Aww lovely to see you having so much fun - long may it last ! xx

    1. Thank you! We have made the most of the time at home together. Making the best of the bad situation. Take care x

  2. Those Mother's Day cards are brilliant! I'm glad to hear everyone is enjoying the garden and the time at home. So sorry to hear that Stu was laid off from his job. I hope he can find something else soon, but it's such a difficult time.

    1. The cards were off ebay I'm told.
      Stu will still have a job to go back after all this is over so we're not stressing too much.
      Thank you! I hope you and the family is keeping well x

  3. The sun has really made this first week at home a bit easier! Been tempted to get some garden games but held off now as wasn't sure the weather would stay nice! We have been in pyjamas more then normal!

    Sorry to hear Stu got laid off from work.

  4. The weather's been so nice hasn't it. I need to get us a decent long rope for skipping. We've been doing some ourselves because N has to practice for his tennis footwork and balance. It kills me (and I'm really rubbish all these years after school).

  5. The sun has certainly made things a bit easier, although my little one isn't understanding why she can't go out and play as normal. I bete N is missing his sports. Sorry to hear about Stu and his work, it is so hard just now xx #366

  6. Glad you got spoiled on Mothers day, I have a list of jobs for my husband and he is slowly working through them

  7. Love your Mother's Day cards and so lovely to see the girls having fun in the garden. It has helped having some nice weather, hasn't it? #project366

  8. Looks like you had a fun week! Love your Mother's day cards, and Ellie's t-shirt, she does look grown up. A pizza night in front of the TV sounds like a great way to relax. We also spent quite a bit of time out in the garden.

  9. Those mother's day cards are the best! Looks like you had a fun filled week. #MMBC

  10. Nice to be out and about in the nice afternoons.
    Nice to know you are nurturing a bargain hunter.
    You really see them maturing when they start to care what they wear, how their hair looks etc

  11. Sorry to hear about Stus job, I hope he manages to get a new one soon.
    Love that you spent so much time in the garden, I am hoping that the good weather will come back soon
    Great tastes in cards and gifts and she really does look very grown up in that photo x

  12. Love the mothers day cards, sorry to hear about Stu's job, really hope he gets a new one soon or he'll run out of tasks around the house. We're supposed to have excellent weather this weekend, just hope people don't think they can go out

  13. Glad you got spoiled for Mother's Day. Sorry to hear about Stu's job and I hope it's not too long before he finds another one. Good that he is keeping busy though.

  14. Hary Potter and Freinds cards: brilliant! We have spent soooo much time in the garden since the schools closed, thankfully there has been little rain or cold weather (we're even thinking about camping out there!) #project366

  15. OoOOOo pizza. Your girls surely gave you a wonderful treat for Mother's day. My mom told me to wear normal clothes most of the day otherwise I'd have spent the whole day in PJs. Aww it's wonderful how you're keeping lockdown time fun and exciting