Thursday 26 March 2020

(Ad - Gifted) PLAYMOBIL Easter Egg - Diner Waitress with Counter - Review!

Chocolate Easter eggs are great but sometimes it's nice to give or receive an Easter gift that will last a bit longer than a chocolate egg. Now you can liven up the Easter break for little ones this year with a fun, entertaining and long-lasting chocolate alternative: the PLAYMOBIL Easter Egg!

Ellie has always been a big fan of PLAYMOBIL. A few years ago she got some money for Christmas and bought the PLAYMOBIL Hospital which she still has and will play with now and again. It has always been a dream of hers to have a PLAYMOBIL Easter Egg but it's always been one of those things we have never got around to getting, until now when we were sent one to review!


With four coloured eggs to choose from, each containing a new surprise character from the PLAYMOBIL world, the beloved toy maker's latest collection will cater to every child's interest this Easter. 

We were sent the Diner Waitress with Counter!

Form an orderly queue to place your orders. The waitress will serve you soon! The pink egg introduces the Diner Waitress with Counter. The set comes with all the accessories needed for fast dining fun, including diner counter with monitor, tray, burger, bowl of chips and drinking cup. 

The contents of the PLAYMOBIL Easter Egg ready to be put together
My youngest putting the Diner Waitress with Counter together
The Playmobil Diner Waitress with Counter assembled

Ellie couldn't wait to get into the egg and get the set assembled. She had no trouble with at and didn't really look at the instructions. The only fiddly bit was putting the burger together but she got there eventually. She loves it and it is now in her bedroom on her shelf. The shelf where all of her most special and treasured things go.

As well as the pink egg we received there are 3 others in the PLAYMOBIL Easter range. There is something for everyone.

The other sets of PLAYMOBIL Easter Eggs you can get. Policeman, maiden and knight.

Keep the neighbourhood safe and sound with the Police Officer with Dog. The blue egg contains two figures, a range of police officer accessories and all the kit needed to keep your pooch happy in a day on the beat, including dog leash, bone, dog food and dog blanket.

Recreate fairy stories at home with the Maiden with Geese. Cast in a range of classic folklore tales, the goose has a reputation for its curiosity, sassy personality and entertainment value. The green egg contains one goose girl and three geese, as well as pond and stick accessories. 

Head into battle with the red egg’s Knight with Cannon. Defend the toybox against invasion with this host of vital equipment supplies, including cannon, bullets, double axe and sword. 

The PLAYMOBIL Easter Eggs are available to buy from Amazon, the Playmobil website and other good retailers for around £4.99 each.

We were sent the PLAYMOBIL Easter Egg - Diner Waitress with Counter free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. My son would love this. He's allergic to dairy so this would be a great alternative Easter Egg! #MMBC

  2. My boys both love PLAYMOBIL. This is great to pop in their Easter baskets and it's affordable too! x