Wednesday 25 March 2020

How we have been spending our time now we're all at home.

The kids have been finished school and college since Wednesday. They were so excited to get the news that their college and school had closed and were were under the impression that they would be sleeping in, going out with friends, playing on their computers and xbox but no! I soon put a stop to that way of thinking. It's not a holiday, they are only at home because it is safer here for us and other people. Since then things have obviously changed and they know they're not leaving the house or back garden until it is safe to do so.

Over the weekend Stu was laid off work. The company he works for has shut it's doors because of the coronavirus and obviously Stu can't do his job from home as he's a groundsman/handyman but thankfully his boss has said that he will be paid something through the government job retention scheme. Without the government help he would have been unemployed now. Him being laid off would usually worry me but now I am glad. At least now we can all stay home and limit the germs coming into the house. Stu is going to be the only one setting foot out of the front door and that will be to just go to the shop when needed.

The kids have been great at doing their school and college work. I don't want to jinx things but they're actually enjoying it.

Ellie's school has a great learning system online and there was plenty of work set for her when she logged onto her account on Thursday and by Friday they had set even more for each subject even PE. There is lots of quizzes and tests about different sports. She had a little mishap yesterday and somehow managed to start studying GCSE level Geography. She was actually doing quite well with the tests until I realised. Oops.

Becky's college spent the week before they finished preparing for the college being closed and made sure that all the students knew what coursework needed doing. All the tutors are contactable by email and Becky has enough work to keep her going for a couple of months. She was in a big group chat yesterday with most of her class and one of her tutors.

How our day is looking now is relaxed but with a bit of working and learning thrown in. We get up at about half eight and have a lazy breakfast. We lounge about and usually have the news on to see what's going on in the world. I was quite stressed last week with the news but I think now I know the kids are home with me I am less anxious. 

At about half nine the kids get on with doing their school work. I have made sure to bring Ellie in here into the living room with me and she uses the laptop because if I let her on her computer in the dining room she would do everything but her school work. lol Becky can be trusted and she has been using Ellie's computer to do her coursework for college.

I have them working for a couple of hours or so, of course they take breaks and are easily distracted. We have made a couple of Spotify playlists with our favourite music on because I found they were spending more time trying to pick songs to play than doing what they were supposed to be doing. I know they both work better when they have music on. On Monday they were so engrossed with their work they didn't notice it was lunchtime. I just let them get on until they saw the time.

We stop for lunch at about midday and the kids will make their own and mine. hehehe There has to be some perks to them being home. By about half twelve the kids are itching to get on their electronics so I give in and they have about an hour of doing what they want to. Becky usually goes for Fortnite or TikTok and Ellie goes for Roblox or The Sims. 

At about half one we do something different. On Friday we went out for a bike ride just to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Over the next few weeks we are planning on spending our afternoons baking, we have craft kits and science kits which I bought for a rainy day which we never got around to doing which are going to come in handy and I am going to get the kids doing some gardening. We have been meaning to sort the garden for months and think now is the perfect time to get on with it.

So far this week the kids have been spending their afternoons in the garden. Playing basketball, skipping and just pottering around. Stu has been out there doing some jobs like fixing the shed window and the wood that goes down the side of the path. They are all having a great time.

I've said after 3pm the kids can go back on their electronics and usually they're not bothering until much later. I hope you are all keeping well and are finding a new normal. 


  1. It's so strange isn't it? They are not at school, but they are not on holiday. My routine is very similar to yours. When I saw the amount of stuff they were sent home I nearly fainted, but we have a very long time to work through it all. x

    1. It is really strange. It feels like a holiday but with a lot of homework. I hope you and the family are keeping well x

  2. Funny old time and a lot of uncertainty. Take care X

  3. As a teacher, here in France, we have to put work online every day, then correct the stuff sent through by all the pupils by email and prepare the correction sheets for the next day. It takes a long time - longer than I initially thought ! Listening to your day, it makes me think that maybe I should reduce the quantity of work I give. I was thinking that I should give enough work for my lesson to take about an hour each day, as that is what we would have had at school. If I reduce the quantity of work set, I'll have less to mark too - winw-win ! lol

    1. Ahh! You should reduce the work, it would give you less to do too. hehehe
      Stay safe x

  4. Sorry to hear about Stu being laid off Kim, but glad he will be getting something from the government. Sounds as if you have a good balance between work, fresh air and electronics x

    1. Ahh! I think we'll be OK. We're not worrying yet.
      I hope you and the family are keeping well x

  5. Strange times! We are doing pretty much the same as you. I'm just relieved all of us are home now and safe.
    I love the pic of Stu and your girls skipping. Ellie looks so grown up on this one! Stay safe my fave family! xxx