Wednesday 4 March 2020

I refuse to buy new if I can get it from the auction.

There is an auction in a nearby town which happens most Saturday's and we have been so lucky with the bargains we have got from it over the last 8 months or so. I refuse to buy new things now if there's chance I can get it 2nd hand. They sell furniture, just about everything for the home, toys, electronics, tools, bikes, garden stuff, knick knacks and everything inbetween.

Our local auction. Bric a brack on tables

Before we moved here my dad was already helping us out buying things. He got the kids bikes each, a lawnmower, us a gorgeous bed frame, the kids divan beds each, a black leather sofa and an arm chair. Everything he bought cost under £100 which is fantastic considering everything was nearly brand new.

I would say we go at least 3 out of 4 Saturdays a month. We usually go and see what's up for sale on a Friday and take a note of what we want to bid on and then on Saturday we bid and hopefully buy.

Our black leather sofa and my two girls riding their bikes

The buyer pays 10% to the auction and the seller pays 10% too. So if we pay £2 for something we actually pay £2.20. That's how the auction makes it's money. Most weeks there is a lot of lots in, well over 1000 and some weeks close to 2000.

The first weekend we moved here we went and loved it. Stu bought a big Samsung TV for about £35 because our TV that we brought from the old house was too heavy to go onto the wall. We ended up selling the heavy one to someone that was at the auction for £25 so we only really paid £10 for our  TV from the auction.

On the 2nd week we bought a working PC tower for £5 which Ellie still uses now, an iron for £2, a free view box for £2, 3 big chest of drawers £5 each and a table to fit my youngest girls computer on for £3.

The third week saw Stu and I get a bike each. I think we paid under £30 for both. They were in fantastic condition and just needed a new inner tube each.

The kids love to go. Ellie is obsessed with buying the cheap boxes of toys, sometimes the plastic boxes the toys come in cost more than the 50p she pays. She's got a guitar for £2, and 2 massive Barbie cars for £2. I have put a stop to her buying dolls for the time being as she has far too many. lol

My daughter with a box of dolls and a pink Barbie car

Becky loves to bid on iPhones. She's never got one yet though. She got an electronic gaming chair for £2 a while back which she loves and since doing her bedroom up she now has room for it. We got a big bundle of 3d jigsaws for a few pounds, one was brand new, a light up Ravensburger Eiffel Tower which sells online for about £20. 

Just before Christmas we got a big freezer. It's about 4ft tall with 6 drawers and we paid £26. It is fantastic to have that extra space instead of just the 3 little drawers under the fridge. My dad also bought us a tumble dryer. I still owe him the £5 for it. Oops. lol Buying those things new over a couple of weeks would never happen as they would just cost too much. I priced the freezer up online and they're selling for about £250 new.

In the run up to Christmas I was looking in all the big stores for a new Christmas tree but they are so expensive. I held off until one came into the auction. We got a 4ft pre lit tree for £5 and a smaller one for £2.

Most recently we got a bed for Becky. A hi-sleeper which we chopped the legs off to make a mid sleeper. It cost £2, to buy new would have cost at least £100.

At the weekend we went not expecting to buy much and came home with the back of my dad's car full. We got a mini trampoline which was clean until the kids jumped on it, a nest of 2 tables which were as good as new with a wipe down, 4 photo canvases which were were brand new, still in the plastic wrapping, a black leather pouffe, a square ottoman which did need a clean, a basket ball hoop, 2 spirit levels and we still had change out of £20. Most of the things cost £2.

Now we have got all the big things that we need for the house we are looking for smaller things. We got a lamp and clock for the kitchen, £2 each of course a few weeks ago. We hadn't planned on buying them but when they were shown and the auctioneer was getting no bids we thought "bargain!!". I am on the look out for some bins, curtains, bigger pans and picture frames at the moment. Every week it is a surprise to what is being sold so it's just a matter of waiting until what we want comes in.

Have you ever been to an auction and got any bargains?


  1. sadly im an auction junkie and it shows

    1. lol. I have had to start saying no to anymore furniture even if it a bargain.

  2. I can't believe the prices, they're total bargains ! :)

    1. Totally! It's really been a god send since we moved house. x

  3. What great prices. And it is so much more sustainable to buy secondhand. We don't have an auction near us but I always check out the charity shops. Got a winter coat for school yesterday in next size up which my son actually likes. What a result. They have to wear navy and he doesn't like them unless the inner feels fleecy

    1. It feels like I am doing something good buying 2nd hand.
      Our charity shops locally are so expensive which is a shame. It seems daft paying £10 for a jumper when you can get them in Primark for £6.

  4. Wow, you have some cracking bargains x