Tuesday 31 March 2020

What I loved in March 2020!

March has been a stressful month with the Coronavirus but I have still managed to find some good things throughout the month.

What I loved in March!

The signs of Spring!

It really feels like spring is on it's way. There is all sorts of plants and flowers popping up in my garden. We didn't live here this time last year so it's all new to us. It's staying lighter longer on an evening too which I really love. I looked at the clock last week and it was quarter to seven and it still wasn't dark. The weather was lovely last week and the kids spent most afternoons in the garden. It actually inspired me to buy some seeds, pots and compost to get on with some planting.

Neighbours 35th Anniversary Week!
What a week it was! Normal episodes during the day then late night one's. I have loved Neighbours since I was a kid and love it even more now. It was full of drama and had quite a few shocking moments. Last week I found myself crying. I didn't think Gary's death would have me in tears but it has. Poor Kyle & Sheila. I did laugh at the way Finn died. Becky was watching and laughed too. It was so ridiculous. Digging a grave for Susan and slipping, hitting his head and drowning. 

Having Red Hair (again).
I tried to dye my hair purple and it failed so I went back to bright red and it went on perfectly. Better than it ever has, I've changed my shampoo and the colour is lasting really well which is just as well because I can't get to town to buy anymore dye. lol

Mother's Day.
Mother's day didn't go exactly like we had planned, I didn't get my pub lunch because of the coronavirus shutting all of the pubs but it really didn't matter. I still had a lovely day. The kids spoilt me rotten and actually argued over who's turn it was to make me a cup of tea. I drank more tea that Sunday than any other day. lol I got a couple of new candles, a new cross stitch pattern and of course some lovely cards.

Having the kids home.
Up until a few weeks ago the kids were going out with friends a lot. It's totally selfish of me but I love having the kids home during this pandemic. We have had great fun together and they are actually enjoying spending time with me again. I know it's only because they can't go out with friends but I am taking it as a win!

Home made pizza.
It seems ages since we made our own home made pizza but over the last month we've had it a couple of times. The kids love making their own as they can add their own toppings. I cheat and by the ready made bases from Tesco and they are fab. It certainly works out cheaper than buying a takeaway and they are much tastier than buying ready made shop bought one's. My usual topping is tomato puree, onions, mushrooms, salami, pineapple and cheese.

What have you loved in March?


  1. What a lovely, cheerful post. There are definitely still some positives to be found! I must say I love the signs of spring too - both the flowers in the garden and the lighter evenings and mornings. I've enjoyed having my kids around too - apart from when they're arguing of course!

  2. Lovely positive post to enjoy in challenging times. Always so vital to count our blessings. I want to dye my hair but at my brother's house the water seems to be hot or freezing so working my way up to that one. Envious of your Mother's Day - it is a different date over in France so two of my children had no idea and hence ignored it and I managed a grunt from my oldest. Not to worry - over it now. Here's to a cheery round up next month too #MMBC