Thursday 5 March 2020

(Ad - Gifted) A Hand Painted Carafe Set from The Gift Experience!

Mother's day is coming up later this month. On the 22nd in case you didn't know. I am always on the look out for gifts for myself so I can drop hints to my fella and my girls and The Gift Experience is a fantastic place to start your search.

I was recently asked if I would like to feature something here from their website and I was spoilt for choice! They have a great selection of gifts, some of which can be personalised. Everything from jumpers to jewellery, candles to cushions, prints to personalised bottles of wine and lots more.

I finally narrowed it down, I was looking for something a little different and came across the Hand Painted Carafe Set with a poppy design. I hadn't seen anything like this before and I do like pretty things which have a use.

The jug and glass with a poppy design on from the Hand Painted Carafe Set
A close up off the poppy design on the Hand Painted Carafe Set

As it is glass and breakable I was worried about it being delivered, you know how the delivery people like to throw our parcels about but there was nothing to worry about. It was packaged so well and arrived safely. 

This really is a beautiful set. It looked pretty when I looked at it on The Gift Experience website but it is so much more prettier in real life. 

This elegant set can be used by the bedside to keep water fresh overnight as the tumbler covers the carafe neck to prevent dust reaching the water in the carafe. I think this is a fantastic idea especially if you take a glass of water to bed.

The glass over the top of the jug.

I have been using it to take a drink to bed and my fella is quite jealous about it. He quite fancies one for himself. hehehe Our bedroom always gets a lot of spiders in and I do always worry about swallowing one so this reassure me that there is none in my drinking water.

As well as being a great gift for mother's day I think it would make a fantastic gift for an elderly relative. I think it would be especially useful for someone confined to bed.

At £18.99 I think it is a sensible price. In fact I would say it is well worth the money for something so pretty and useful.

Would you like to receive something like this?

I was sent the Hand Painted Carafe Set free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. What a pretty floral design! I always get thirsty in the night, and need a sip of water. And this carafe would look lovely by the bedside.

    1. It is so pretty. I couldn't be without it now upstairs. x

  2. What a beautiful set! I love the poppy design. I would be very happy if my boys got me this for Mother's Day! x

  3. Love this! Perfect as we welcome spring too #MMBC