Wednesday 11 March 2020

(Ad - Gifted) So Bomb Crystal Geode Factory - Review!

Mother's day is coming up and as a mum I know I love a soak in the bath. So the thought of my girls making me bath bombs as a gift was a fantastic idea. We were sent the So Bomb Crystal Geode Factory to try out.

Make your crystal bath bombs by mixing coloured powder and water. Add coloured crystals to create real precious bath bomb! Magic! Watch your white bath bomb colour the water inside your bath!

Contents includes 4 Citric Acid bags, 1 Mould, 4 Bicarbonate sodium bags, 1 Mini pipette, 1 Instruction sheet and 4 Crystal Colours.

We got on with making our first bath bomb by adding the sodium bicarbonate to the factory, added some water, gave it a mix, added the citric acid, added the mixture to the mould, added the crystals, pressed it down and left it for half an hour.

I think at least half an hour is a long time to have to wait to make one bath bomb. It would have been better if there was a few more moulds in the kit.

When about 40 minutes had passed we were dying to see if the bath bomb was made. We carefully removed it from the mould and it looked fab! I should have had a photo but we were keen to make another bath bomb and I didn't get a proper photo. I am a bad blogger.

When we went back to make our second bath bomb which was a little harder to do than the first one as the mixture had set and had got hard when it was in the mixing bowl. It was impossible to mix so we crumbled it into the mould. We left it and left it and when we thought it had set we got it out just for it to crumble which was a shame.

The kids had fun with this set but we didn't get many bath bombs so far. Ellie is going to have another go with it when she finds the time but she is sadly not that keen as it is such a faff and effort for very little result. 

Personally I am not a fan of this kit. At £19.99 it seems like there is a lot off bells and whistles which aren't needed. You don't really need the mixer, the press and of all the little compartments to put the pretty geodes. 

There is other So Bomb Geode kits available from the same range which I think are better value for money. The So Bomb DIY Bath Bomb Crystal Geode Case for £16.99 which has the same amount of mixture but 3 moulds or the So Bomb DIY Crystal Geode Kit for £9.99. They are also available from Smyths Toys.

We were sent the So Bomb Crystal Geode Factory free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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